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Ovasitol Review

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Last modified on January 7th, 2023

Ovasitol is an increasingly popular supplement, and below we cover must-know information including:

  • Ovasitol reviews
  • Benefits of Ovasitol for PCOS
  • Using Ovasitol for weight loss
  • Where to buy Ovasitol

What Is Ovasitol?

First, before you explore Ovasitol reviews, what is it?

Ovasitol is an inositol supplement from Theralogix. Each dose contains 2,000 mg of Myo-inositol and 50 mg of D-chiro-inositol.

Inositol is a nutrient that’s naturally found in fruits, grains, nuts, and beans. Our bodies also make inositol. Inositol is important because it helps regulate and balance hormone levels, it may help regulate your menstrual cycle, and it can help with ovarian function. There is some evidence inositol can also help with egg quality in women who are trying to get pregnant.

Inositol is sometimes known as vitamin B8 as well, although, in reality, it’s not a vitamin. Inositol is actually a sugar. It’s a major component of our cell membranes, and it influences insulin. Insulin is a hormone that controls blood sugar levels. Inositol also impacts neurotransmitters in the brain including serotonin and dopamine.

The usual American diet will include around 1 gram of inositol a day, but people often take much higher supplemental doses. Higher doses of inositol to this point have shown positive benefits of Ovasitol with few side effects.

What Is Ovasitol?

ovasitol reviews, where to buy ovasitol, ovasitol weight loss, ovasitol for pcos
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Benefits of Ovasitol

  • Combines two types of inositol at the ideal ratio
  • Can help promote menstrual regularity and optimal ovarian function
  • Supplement that’s becoming the primary treatment option for women with PCOS
  • May have benefits for weight loss, gestational diabetes and fertility
  • Promotes normal hormone levels

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What Are the Benefits of Inositol?

Since inositol is the primary ingredient in Ovasitol, it’s important to have an overview of what the benefits are in general.

Inositol and Mental Health

It’s thought that using an inositol supplement could help your mental health because it affects neurotransmitters that affect mood, like dopamine and serotonin. There has been a growing body of research that shows some people with anxiety, depression, and compulsive disorders have lower brain levels of inositol.

With fewer side effects than traditional mental health medicines, there are studies that show inositol could be a potential alternative therapy for common mental health conditions.

There is currently research looking at the benefits of inositol for panic disorder. There was one study of 20 individuals who had panic disorder, and they took either an 18-gram inositol supplement or an anxiety prescription medication every day for one month. The study participants who took inositol had fewer panic attacks per week, compared to the group taking the medication.

Similar results were found in another four-week study where participants took 12 grams of inositol a day.

There have been promising early studies showing inositol may be beneficial for bipolar disorder, although research is currently limited.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

One of the most common reasons women use supplements like Ovasitol is for symptoms of PCOS. PCOS is a condition that leads to female hormonal imbalance. As a result of those imbalances, women may experience symptoms such as infertility, irregular periods, weight gain, and high blood sugar.

There is evidence suggesting the use of an inositol supplement may help symptoms of PCOS, and the results are even better when combined with folic acid.

The use of a combination of an inositol supplement and folic acid may help stimulate ovulation.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a growing problem for people in the United States, and when you have the conditions linked to metabolic syndrome, you’re at a greater risk of developing serious chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Conditions linked to metabolic syndrome are:

  • Abdominal fat
  • High blood triglycerides
  • Low levels of good cholesterol (HDL)
  • High blood sugar
  • High blood pressure

There was a study that took place over a year, and it looked at 80 females who had metabolic syndrome. When they took two grams of inositol twice a day, it lowered their blood triglyceride levels by 34% on average, and total cholesterol was lowered by 22%. They also had improvements in blood sugar and blood pressure.

By the end of the study, 20% of the participants no longer met the clinical criteria to be diagnosed as having metabolic syndrome.

ovasitol reviews, where to buy ovasitol, ovasitol weight loss, ovasitol for pcos

Gestational Diabetes

Women may experience increases in their blood sugar levels during pregnancy, which can lead to gestational diabetes. Inositol, in animal studies, is linked to insulin function. Insulin controls blood sugar levels.

There have only been a few studies looking at the effects of an inositol supplement and gestational diabetes in women, but they have shown benefits.

How Is Ovastiol Different?

With all that being said, there can be significant benefits that come with using an inositol supplement. One of the most popular is called Ovasitol, and you may be wondering how it’s different from taking a standard inositol supplement.

Ovasitol is a combination of Myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol.

It contains these two inositol supplements at a ratio of 40 to 1, which is the same as the body’s normal ratio. The idea is that taking the two forms of inositol in this specific ratio is more beneficial than just taking one or the other.

Researchers have found that both Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol can improve the metabolism of people with PCOS, as well as improving ovarian function. What’s interesting according to one study, in particular, is that while both types of inositol can improve ovarian function and metabolism when you have PCOS, Myo-inositol tends to have the most significant effects on metabolic symptoms. D-chiro-inositol tends to be more effective at reducing hyperandrogenism.

Ovasitol for PCOS

Inositol is such a great supplement that has the potential to become the primary treatment for PCOS, and the combination of both types of inositol in Ovastiol is why it’s such a great product.

When it comes to Ovasitol for PCOS, the following are key things to know:

  • It’s believed that both types of inositols are what’s called secondary messengers. This means they play a role in regulating insulin. It’s thought that when you have PCOS you might have a problem with how your body converts MYO (Myo-inositol) to DCI (D-chiro-inositol). This can lead to symptoms of PCOS like infertility and insulin resistance. That’s where Ovasitol for PCOS can be helpful. It can help improve insulin levels and reduce cravings because of the messenger role of the inositols.
  • Doctors do believe that a combination of MYO and DCI works best and at a specific ratio of 40:1. It’s recommended that if you do want to use inositol to treat symptoms of PCOS, you take both at that specific ratio. When compared to supplementing with just MYO, women with PCOS saw more benefits in terms of lowering their insulin and inflammatory markers and their cholesterol when they took the combination, as is found in Ovastiol.
  • As compared to metformin, using a combination such as Ovastol showed better results including weight loss, pregnancy rates, and ovulation.
  • When you have an imbalance in your ratio of MYO to DCI, it can impact your fertility in multiple ways, including your egg quality. When you have a balanced ratio of the inositols, it can help your egg quality be better, and it can boost your ovarian response.

Ovasitol for Weight Loss

Ovastiol can be an important tool to help you lose weight when you have PCOS as well. The primary link between Ovasitol and weight loss is the ability of the product to improve insulin sensitivity.

Inositol supplements play a vital role in the insulin signaling pathway.  When we’re insulin-resistant, our cells don’t respond the way they should to insulin that’s circulating. That leads the glucose in our blood to be stored as fat instead of being used by our body as fuel.

Overall, an inositol supplement has the potential to help you lose weight. This is especially true if you also make lifestyle changes along with using the supplement.

Ovasitol Reviews

It’s tough to find the best supplements when there are so many options. User reviews can be helpful, but it can be time-consuming to comb through all of them, which is why we factor them so significantly in our articles.

Looking at Ovasitol reviews, we found a lot of user satisfaction with this product. Highlights of some of the Ovasitol reviews we read include:

  • Some have described this product as a “miracle.” Ovasitol reviews say this product has helped women get their period again.
  • Along with regular periods, in general, reviews say Ovasitol is astounding in its results for all of the symptoms of PCOS. For example, Ovasitol reviews say this product may help reduce acne and facial hair, and it can help with cravings.
  • Some users say Ovasitol has helped with ovarian cysts and the accompanying pain.
  • Some Ovasitol reviews say that after long periods of trying with no success, taking this supplement helped women get pregnant naturally.
  • According to Ovasitol reviews, it took some people around three months to really start seeing results, so do be patient if you’re using this.
  • One review, in particular, said Ovasitol helped remedy a body odor problem that was thought to be the result of PCOS.
  • Some people who take Ovasitol have been able to get their A1C under control, and they say they’ve had fewer sugar cravings since they started taking it.

Overall, there is very little negative feedback about Ovasitol. The only consistent negative thing people have to say about the product is that it’s expensive. It costs around $75 for a 90-day supply on Amazon.

Inositol supplements, in general, including Ovasitol, tend to have a very good safety profile. Even at fairly high doses of anywhere from 12 to 18 grams, the main side effects include only stomach upset and gas.

Where to Buy Ovastiol?

If your next question is where to buy Ovasitol, we think Amazon is the best. We like Amazon to buy all supplements including Ovasitol because of the fast shipping and lenient return policies. You may also be able to find it on other online resources, such as evitamins.com, but currently, it’s out of stock there.

Ovasitol Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Ovasitol for PCOS and Ovasitol for weight loss.

What is Inositol?

Inositol is a naturally occurring nutrient found in foods such as grains and nuts, and our bodies produce it as well. There has been a significant body of research showing that inositol promotes normal hormone levels.

With healthy hormone levels, it’s possible to resume or maintain a regular period, and it can promote better ovarian function.

There is also some research that shows inositol supplements may help you maintain healthy levels of lipids, and it can support egg quality if you’re trying to get pregnant.

Why Is Ovasitol Different from Other Inositol Supplements?

Ovasitol is unique from other types of inositol because it has a combination of both types of inositol—Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol. It also has both at the same as the naturally occurring ratio found in the body—40 to 1.

Research shows that taking both types of inositol at this ratio is more advantageous than taking one or the other.

Ovasitol is unflavored and comes in either a canister or in single-serve packets. Each serving has 2,000 mg of Myo-inositol and 50 mg of D-chiro-inositol.

How Long Does It Take For Ovasitol to Work?

Ovasitol can be used for the long-term, and most people think they start to see the best results within three months of taking it daily.

What Are the Side Effects of Ovasitol?

The side effects of Ovasitol are likely to mild if you experience any at all. Studies show inositol is a safe supplement and is well-tolerated even up to very high doses. Of course, you should speak to your health care provider before taking Ovasitol or any other supplement.

Can Ovasitol Be Used with Other Supplements?

There aren’t any known interactions between Ovasitol and other supplements, aside from DHEA. DHEA can potentially raise testosterone levels which could counteract the positive benefits of the Ovasitol supplement.

Summing Up—Ovasitol Reviews

Ovasitol is a well-researched and well-reviewed product with a lot of scientific evidence to back up its usefulness. Ovasitol for weight loss and Ovasitol for POCS are two of the most common reasons people take this supplement. It can help with fertility as well.








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