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What is the Best YouTheory Collagen?

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Last modified on December 20th, 2022

YouTheory Collagen products are among the best and top-rated available. YouTheory actually offers a range of different types of collagen, which we highlight below. We base our own review on factors like the ingredients and what customers say in their own YouTheory Collagen reviews.

The YouTheory Company

YouTheory was founded by Darren and Patty Rude in 2010. YouTheory was one of the original collagen supplement brands, and now they’re among the largest manufacturers of collagen products in the U.S.

They’re also well-known for their turmeric supplements.

According to Darren, his goal was to create a supplement brand based on quality, authenticity, and integrity. He’d previously worked in the nutritional and supplement industry and knew that all brands are not the same.

YouTheory is headquartered in Irvine, California, and they have distribution centers there as well as Tokyo and London.

Each YouTheory product is made in-house at the company’s own GMP-certified facility. They test beyond the industry standards to ensure potency and purity in every bottle that goes out.

YouTheory is also dedicated to corporate social responsibility. For example, when they source items from abroad, the company donates a truck of water to a local village to balance out the truck of water they use to irrigate their turmeric field.

The Basics of Collagen Supplements

Before delving into the specific YouTheory Collagen products, the following are some of the basics and things to know about taking a collagen supplement in general.

  • Collagen is one of the main proteins in our bodies, and it plays a role in skin elasticity and joint and bone health.
  • Our bodies naturally create collagen, but as we age, our production slows down.
  • The slow-down in collagen production is why as we get older, we start to notice wrinkles and less elasticity in our skin.
  • There are various ways to increase your own collagen production and also replace lost collagen, including having bone broth, as well as taking collagen supplements.

Collagen supplements go through something called hydrolyzation, which means they’re broken down into peptides. Peptides can be more easily absorbed and used by your body.

When you buy collagen supplements, they come from animal parts such as cow bones and skin or fish scales. Collagen supplements are not vegan-friendly.

You can find collagen supplements in powder form most commonly, but there are also capsule and tablet collagen supplements.

Benefits of collagen supplements include:

  • Improved skin health and appearance—collagen supplements have been shown to help with moisture and elasticity specifically. There’s some evidence that collagen supplements may also help with acne.
  • Improved joint health—as we get older, our cartilage that cushions our joints wears down. Collagen may help restore cartilage or prevent further destruction.
  • Boosted muscle mass—Both men and women may see more muscle mass if they include a collagen supplement in their daily routine. Collagen may stimulate the production of proteins that play an essential role in muscle growth.
  • Prevents bone loss: Collagen helps keep your bones strong and structured. When you get older and collagen production declines, your bones might get weaker, putting you at risk of conditions like osteoporosis. Taking a collagen supplement may help avoid the loss of bone density.
  • Heart health—There is some research to suggest collagen supplements can help promote heart health by reducing the stiffness of arteries.

Other benefits of collagen supplements include helping with:

  • Gut health
  • Weight loss and maintenance
  • Improving mood
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Helping with hair and nail growth

Types of Collagen

There are different types of collagen, which are:

  • Type 1: This is the most abundant naturally occurring type of collagen we have in our bodies. Type 1 collagen is especially beneficial for skin health.
  • Type 2: This type of collagen is found mostly in our cartilage, and taking a Type 1 collagen supplement can help with joint health.
  • Type 3: found primarily in our skin, this type of collagen is good for improving skin elasticity.
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Image Source: Amazon
  • Hair, skin, and nail formula
  • Includes vitamin C
  • Helps fight signs of aging
  • Revitalizes hair and nails as well as skin
  • Hydrolyzed collagen protein
  • Very bioavailable and easily absorbed

The YouTheory Collagen with Vitamin C is one of their foundational products. This collagen is an all-around good option if you want healthy skin and hair, as well as joint health. This product is manufactured in the U.S. and is dairy and soy-free. This YouTheory Collagen product also contains no gluten.

This collagen is a blend of Type 1, 2, and 3. It’s tablet form, and a standard bottle comes with 290 tablets. Tablets can be a better option for some people than a powder because they’re convenient, you can use them on-the-go, and you don’t have to worry about mixing them.

YouTheory Marine Collagen
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  • Hydrolyzed collagen protein
  • Fish-sourced for improved absorption and digestibility
  • Highly bioavailable
  • Tablet form
  • Contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein

Marine collagen is an interesting option compared to most collagen supplements, which are sourced from cows. Marine collagen comes from fish skin, so if you’re a pescatarian, this may be a better option for you.

Marine collagen is also beneficial because it’s thought to be the most easily absorbed and used type of collagen supplement available.

According to reviews of this specific marine collagen supplement from YouTheory, it’s effective at helping with healthy hair and nail growth. It also seems to have helped some users stop their hair loss. Users also say there’s no fishy aftertaste.

Overall, the YouTheory Marine Collagen product seems to be effective for many people, inexpensive, and easy to use.

youtheory collagen, youtheory collagen reviews, collagen youtheory
Image Source: Amazon
  • Comes in flavored options
  • Very inexpensive compared to other collagen powders
  • Top-rated on Amazon
  • Enhanced with vitamin C and biotin
  • Includes 18 amino acids

If you prefer a collagen product that’s a powder, YouTheory’s Collagen Powder is one of the most affordable options and it’s also one of the most popular in terms of user reviews. This powder is broken into small peptides that are pre-digested, making absorption easy. You can mix it with anything, including water, juice, smoothies or tea.

According to reviews, this YouTheory Collagen supplement helps users with their hair growth and texture as well as their skin appearance and health. You can use this product in the morning or at night before bed.

YouTHeory Collagen with Biotin
Image Source: Amazon
  • Tablets
  • 18 amino acids
  • Includes an added joint formula for tendons and ligaments
  • Includes vitamin C which helps your body start to make more of its own collagen naturally as well
  • Includes hyaluronic acid along with the collagen

This collagen supplement is great if you want added hair growth and health benefits. The added vitamin C can facilitate more of your body’s natural collagen production, and this supplement includes Collagen types 1, 2 and 3. As a result of having these three different types of collagen, the product also contains hyaluronic acid and chondroitin for joint support.

youtheory collagen, youtheory collagen reviews, collagen youtheory
Image Source: Amazon
  • Liquid formulation is easily absorbed
  • Contains 2500 mg of Versiol collagen peptides to reduce the look of wrinkles
  • May help reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving elasticity
  • 5000 mg of absorbable peptides per serving
  • Dairy, soy, and gluten-free
  • Each package contains 12 liquid tubes

We love the idea of a liquid collagen supplement, and YouTheory offers that. We like liquid vitamins and supplements in general because they are the easiest for your body to absorb and use; therefore, you’re likely to see the most benefits from a liquid collagen supplement.

Along with being bioavailable and easily absorbed, this YouTheory Collagen liquid supplement is high-dose, with 5000 milligrams of collagen peptides per serving.

youTheory Joint Complex
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  • Contains type 2 collagen for joint health
  • Along with bioactive collagen peptides, this supplement includes botanical extracts
  • Helps support healthy joint cartilage
  • Hydrolyzed for easy absorption
  • Joint complex includes Boswellia, ginger root, and turmeric

This is a great all-around supplement for joint health. Along with the bioavailable type 2 collagen to help with cartilage restoration, the YouTheory Joint Complex also features Boswellia, ginger root extract, and turmeric. All three of these natural ingredients have been proven to help reduce inflammation, swelling and pain associated with arthritis, aging and other similar joint problems.

According to reviews, the Joint Complex really is effective at combating joint pain and also at promoting muscle recovery.

How to Choose the Best Collagen Supplement

When you’re choosing a collagen supplement, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

First, you want a supplement that’s going to be easily absorbed, as has been touched on several times. If you can’t absorb and use the supplement, it’s not going to have many benefits.

It’s best, particularly when choosing a powder, to look for collagen protein isolate. That means it’s hydrolyzed collagen, also known as collagen peptides.

If you have a sensitive digestive system, you might avoid flavored collagen supplements because they can be irritating. Plus, when a supplement is flavored, that might mean that it has unnatural ingredients or that it has added sugar. Be cautious of this when choosing a collagen supplement.

You might have to try several collagen supplements over a period of a few months each to find a formulation that works well for you.

Final Thoughts

YouTheory Collagen supplements are among the most popular available, and it’s a family-operated company which we always appreciate. The biggest perk of these supplements when you compare them to the many other collagen options available is the fact that they are inexpensive and easy to use.

If you’re looking for a good collagen supplement for hair and skin health, joint health, or mood support, YouTheory’s products are worth thinking about.

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