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7 Things to Know About Emergen C Immune Plus

Last modified on January 6th, 2023

Emergen C, also branded as Emergen-C, is one of the biggest brands that sells mainstream products designed to give your immune system a boost. They started out with their standard Emergen C product, and now they’ve expanded their product offerings to include options like Emergen C Immune Plus.

Below we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know about Emergen C Immune Plus before you buy it and try it.

The Basics—What Is Emergen C Immune Plus?


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Emergen C Immune Plus, which is also written as Emergen-C Immune+, is described as an enhanced immune support formula. In addition to having vitamin C, it also has ingredients like zinc and vitamin D. Immune Plus is available in a few different flavors including:

  • Super Orange
  • Blueberry-Acai
  • Raspberry
  • Citrus


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Theoretically, when you take Emergen C Immune Plus, you can strengthen your entire immune system, helping you combat illnesses or get over them more quickly.

You can find Emergen C Immune Plus in gummy form as well as a powder. The gummy versions of Emergen C Immune Plus are available in three flavors—Super Orange, Raspberry, and Elderberry.

There’s also a chewable version which is called Orange Blast.

The powder form of Emergen C products can be mixed with water. Each single-serve packet is usually stirred into anywhere from four to six ounces of water. The biggest reason people take any of the Emergen C products is to ward off colds and viruses, and a lot of people also take it to boost energy.

Emergen C products have been around for a long time, and they are generally considered safe, as long as you don’t take too much. For example, if you take more than two grams of vitamin C a day, you might experience gastrointestinal side effects like nausea or diarrhea, and you can be at increased risk of developing kidney stones.

The following are seven key things to know before you try this product.

1.) Several Versions of the Product Have the Wellmune WBG Complex

The Emergen C Immune Plus products have something called Wellmune WGP, which is a proprietary complex of beta-glucans and arabinogalactans.

Beta-glucans are sugars that are found inside the cell walls of bacteria yeasts, fungi, and algae, and they’re also used medicinally.

One of the most common uses of beta-glucans is to help combat heart problems and high cholesterol. There’s also evidence that beta-glucans might stimulate the immune system by increasing certain chemicals that can prevent infections.

Arabinogalactans are substances that occur naturally in the wood of something called the larch tree. They are thought to stimulate the immune system to help protect against viral and bacterial infections.

It’s thought that larch arabinogalactan can increase the probiotic bacteria in the gut, which is good, healthy bacteria, and that can, in turn, strengthen the immune system.

The action of increasing the good bacteria in the gut somehow leads to a significant increase in your body’s defensive antibodies like immunoglobulin G (IgG). Specific conditions that larch arabinogalactans are thought to help with include asthma, the common cold, ear infections, and pneumonia.

There have been studies looking at some of these claims. For example, there was a study that looked at the benefits of using arabinogalactan for the common cold, and the results were published in the journal Current Medical Research and Opinion. Researchers found after 12 weeks, the group given arabinogalactan had 23% fewer colds than the group that took a placebo.

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2.) Each Dose of Emergen C Immune Plus Has 1000 mg of Vitamin C

Essentially, Emergen C Immune Plus and the other Emergen-C products are a way to get high doses of vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the most important and safest nutrients for most people, even when used at high doses.

Vitamin C can help strengthen your immune system, protect against cardiovascular disease and even help prevent skin aging.

The upper intake limit for most healthy adults is around 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C a day.

We’ve been learning more and more about the abundant benefits of Emergen C and vitamin C in recent years. Researchers believe that high blood levels of vitamin C may be the prime marker to determine overall health.

It’s very difficult to consume the amount of vitamin C you really need for optimal health through your diet alone which is why so many people use supplements like Emergen-C Immune Plus.

Vitamin C, which is also called ascorbic acid, is needed for the development and repair of all the tissues in the body. It’s involved in the function of the immune system, the formation of collagen, and the absorption of iron. It’s also an antioxidant that can protect against free radicals which damage the body and lead to conditions like heart disease and cancer.

Vitamin C isn’t stored in your body, and if you have too much, your body will eliminate it through your urine.

There is currently available research that shows vitamin C can prevent serious complications if you do get ill with the flu or common cold. For example, vitamin C can reduce the risk of developing lung infections and pneumonia.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people with higher concentrations of vitamin C in their blood had a 42% lower stroke risk than people with the lowest concentration.

Studies have found that a higher intake of vitamin C is associated with a lower likelihood of developing skin wrinkles, and topical vitamin C has been shown to reduce wrinkles in some studies.

Vitamin C may reduce the risk of developing cancer, lower inflammation and improve macular degeneration.

3.) Emergen-C Immune Plus Has Zinc

Most of the forms of Emergen C Immune Plus have not only vitamin C but other important nutrients for immune health like zinc. Your body doesn’t produce zinc on its own, so you have to get it through supplements or food.

Zinc is needed for enzymatic activity that plays a role in your digestion, nerve function, and metabolism. It’s also required for your immune cells to function properly.

When you have a zinc deficiency, your immune system may not respond appropriately. Even if you’re already sick, studies have found that taking anywhere from 80 to 92 milligrams of zinc a day can reduce the length of a common cold by as much as 33%.

Zinc supplements can help strengthen the immune response and lower the risk of infections in older people, and they can help speed up wound healing.

Having enough zinc can reduce the risk of developing age-related diseases like pneumonia, and it can increase the activity of T-cells which protect your body from various infections.

Other benefits Emergen C of zinc can include:

  • Orally and topically, it might help treat acne by reducing inflammation, suppressing the activity of oil glands and preventing the growth of bacteria.
  • Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties, and it reduces oxidative stress. Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress are associated with a variety of health disorders, including cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  • Zinc deficiency is associated with reduced testosterone levels in men, so taking a supplement like Emergen C Immune Plus with zinc might reverse this.

4.) It Contains Vitamin D

So many of us have learned an increasing amount about the importance of vitamin D in nearly every part of our health, which is why it’s great that this nutrient is included in Emergen C Immune Plus.

Our bodies produce vitamin D when we get sun exposure, but we can increase it by taking supplements like Emergen C Immune Plus.

Interestingly, vitamin D is Immunea precursor of a hormone, despite being called a vitamin.

Vitamin D plays a role in the health of your immune system and nervous system. It’s also important for heart health and lung function.

There was a study in 2018 that found vitamin D has protective benefits against the flu virus.

Symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency can include getting sick, often fatigue, low mood, hair loss, muscle pain and problems with wound healing.

If you have long-term vitamin D deficiency, it increases the risk of complications like autoimmune diseases, infections and some cancers like prostate, colon and breast.

5.) Emergen-C Immune Plus Is Basically a Multivitamin

While the primary advertised ingredients in Immune Plus Emergen C are vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D, it has many others as well.

For example, it contains B vitamins like vitamin B6 and folate, calcium, magnesium, and chromium. There’s also potassium, so when you take this supplement, you’re getting a lot of vitamins and nutrients beyond just ones that are good for immune health.

6.) There’s An Option with Elderberry

One of the Emergen C Immune Plus products has elderberry added. It’s a gummy version of the product.

Elderberry is a long-used traditional medicinal plant that historically has been used to treat rheumatism and fever. Currently, the most common use for elderberry is as a cold and flu symptom treatment.

Elderberry is high in antioxidants, vitamin C and flavanols. There’s research that shows it may help reduce the severity and length of the flu and because of the polyphenols it contains, elderberry may increase white blood cells which can improve the immune system.

7.) It’s Top-Rated on Amazon

If you shop Amazon often, you know that it’s a pretty tough audience there as far as supplements and vitamins, but Emergen C Immune Plus gummies does well among the users who leave reviews.

For example, for the Emergen C Immune Plus Variety Pack, which’s available on Amazon, there’s an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Amazingly, 92% of users give it five stars.

Some of the things that users say they love about this product are the great flavors, and they feel like it really does Emergen C give you energy to help them reduce how often they get sick. A lot of users said that if they start taking Emergen C Immune Plus gummies when they feel a cold or sickness coming off, they can get rid of it quickly.

Many users seem to take it every day for overall health, wellness, and a great energy boost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most common questions people have about Emergen C Immune Plus.

Emergen C Immune Plus, What Is It?

Emergen C Immune Plus is a supplement that contains a high dose of vitamin C combined with other vitamins and nutrients.

In particular, Emergen C Immune Plus has nutrients that can strengthen your immune system such as vitamin D and zinc.

You can find Emergen C Immune Plus in a powdered form that you mix with water, as a chewable and as a gummy.

What Does Emergen C Give you energy?

The theory behind Emergen C Immune Plus is that it can strengthen your immune system naturally by providing you with the nutrients it needs to function optimally, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc.

Some people take it every day as a multivitamin, while others take it as needed during cold and flu season or when they feel like they’re getting sick.

Emergen C is a good way to fill in any nutritional gaps when you don’t get all that you need from food, which is the case for many of us.

What Is the Difference Between Emergen C and Emergen C Immune Plus?

The primary difference between Emergen C and Emergen C Immune plus is just the addition of more ingredients to the Immune Plus formulation including more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It can support your health holistically. The regular Emergen C focuses primarily on vitamin C and B vitamins, while Immune Plus has things like vitamin D and zinc.

How Often to Take Emergen-C Immune Plus?

So many people want to know How Often to Take Emergen-C Immune Plus? The ingredients in Emergen-C Immune Plus are considered safe for the majority of people, so you can take it daily if you prefer. You can also just use it as needed if you’re feeling worn down or like you could be getting sick.

A lot of people prefer to take it each morning to give them energy for the rest of their day.

Make sure you don’t take more than two grams of vitamin C a day, however. That can trigger side effects like nausea, cramps, or diarrhea. If you take more than two grams of vitamin C in a day you’re also at a higher risk of developing kidney stones.

If you take more than 40 mg of zinc a day, it can cause a copper deficiency, which is something to be mindful of as well.

Final Thoughts

Is Emergen C good for you? Emergen C Immune Plus is a well-rated and reviewed supplement that can give your energy levels and your immune system a boost. We recommend it if you’re looking for a tasty way to get your vitamins, including vitamin C. Of course, you should speak to your doctor before you take any new supplement.

There are also other things you can do to boost your immune system, in addition to taking Emergen C Immune Plus. For example, probiotics are good for your immune system, as is regular exercise and getting enough sleep each night.








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