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The Cirkul Water Bottle: 9 Things to Know

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Last modified on January 12th, 2023

1. What Is the Cirkul Water Bottle?

The Cirkul Water Bottle is designed to make it easy to drink either flavored or unflavored water on the go. With the Cirkul water bottle, you can drink plain water or a flavored drink simply by turning the flavor dial and how to use cirkul.

  • To use this water bottle, you need three things. You need a Cirkul lid, a bottle, and a flavor cartridge.
  • You fill the bottle with drinking water and then attach your lid.
  • The next step is to unwrap the flavor cartridge and insert it into the lid opening. Turn it clockwise into place.
  • From there, you can turn the dial of the water bottle to adjust your flavor strength.
  • If you want more flavor, you simply turn the dial up. If you want less flavor, turn it down to a lower number.

The core concept of the water bottle is that there’s a special filter that lets you change the flavor of your water quickly and easily.

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Image Source: Cirkul

2. How Do You Buy a Cirkul Water Bottle?

Cirkul Water bottle where to buy? For now, we could only find the Cirkul available directly on the company’s website. They have a few different bundle packages so that you can get the bottle and the flavor cartridges.

One option to buy is called the Bundle Builder. With this, you can customize what you want to buy initially, and the more you spend, the more you save.

Cirkul Water bottle where to buy? you can buy a plastic bottle plus a four-pack of flavor cartridges for $30. You can purchase a plastic bottle and 4-pack of flavors plus a chill sleeve for $35.

The most expensive bundle is the metal bottle and a four-pack of flavor cartridges for $45.

The bottle designs include a variety of colors. There is a plastic bottle with a chill sleeve and comfort grip lid. There are mini bottles and then the stainless steel bottles.

You can also custom design your Cirkul Water Bottle if you prefer. For kids, there are mini plastic bottles.

3. Cirkul Is Going Viral on TikTok

TikTok is a platform where products do tend to go viral, and that seems to be what happened with the Cirkul Water Bottle. Recently, everyone has been sharing the bottle.  The Cirkul Water Bottle initially went viral when a TikToker did a taste-test using the bottle and seemed to love it.

4. What Are the Benefits of a Cirkul Water Bottle?

If you’re interested, some of the potential benefits of getting one of these creative water bottles like cirkul include:

  • You can create not only fruit-flavored water with the flavor cartridges but also coffees and teas, which we’ll go into more below.
  • The water that’s created with Cirkul is healthy without added dyes or colors.
  • There are no sugar or calories in the water.
  • It’s easy to drink water that tastes great, meaning you might drink more of it.
  • You can fully customize your flavor experience.
  • It’s convenient to make your flavored waters with Cirkul.
  • Cirkul says that it’s affordable, with each Sip giving you around six fill-ups if you’re on a medium flavor setting.
  • It’s eco-friendly because you’re using less plastic.

5. What Are Sips?

Okay, now for the fun part—the Sips and how to use cirkul.

The Sips are the flavor cartridges you’ll use, and there are a huge number of options available from Cirkul.

There are several different types of flavor cartridges, including:

  • LifeSips: These Cirkul cartridges where to buy? Cirkul flavor cartridges are made with all-natural flavors and have added B vitamins. They’re sweetened with Stevia, and flavor options include berry pomegranate and blueberry cranberry.
  • FitSips: These Cirkul Water Bottle cartridges are zero-calorie and are enriched with electrolytes. Flavors include white cherry and orange tangerine, among others.
  • GoSips: The GoSips cartridges are energizing and have no sugar but do have caffeine. There are a number of refreshing flavor options like strawberry watermelon and green apple.
  • PureSips: The PureSip cartridges don’t have any added sweetness, so you get a pure, natural flavor essence rather than something really overpowering. Flavor options are simple like pineapple and raspberry.
  • TeaSips: From what we found in Cirkul Water Bottle reviews, the TeaSips are very popular among users. The TeaSips do have caffeine, and they’re premium teas infused with fruit flavors. The peach tea flavor seems to be a top pick.
  • BrewSips: These are probably one of the most interesting types of flavor cartridges available from Cirkul. The iced coffee blends feature natural coffee flavor paired with caffeine for an energy boost. There’s a vanilla iced coffee flavor, pumpkin spice, and peppermint mocha, among others.

We thought we should note a few things about Cirkul cartridges where to buy? First, you can use the cartridges only with a Cirkul lid. They aren’t compatible with any other lids.

The blends don’t have any artificial colors or flavors, and the Sips are colorless, so you don’t have to worry about stains.

The PureSip line has no added sweeteners if you don’t want that at all.

All Sips blends have no calories, and all are sugar-free.

The Sips are sweetened with either stevia, sucralose, or no sweetener. They don’t use aspartame.

We mentioned this above, but on a medium setting, one Sip will last for around six bottle fill-ups, which equals 132 ounces.

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Image Source: Cirkul

6. Is Cirkul Available on Amazon?

We looked, and for right now, unfortunately, we couldn’t find Cirkul on Amazon. You have to go to the Cirkul website (drinkcirkul.com) to order the products.

7. What Do Cirkul Water Bottle Reviews Say?

While users on TikTok might give the Cirkul Water Bottle high marks, that’s not the case across the board.

First, since Cirkul isn’t on Amazon, we weren’t able to go through customer reviews there. That’s often the best source of true, unbiased reviews. We find that when companies keep reviews confined to their own website, as is the case with Cirkul, they come off as advertisements.

We did do some digging and find other sources of Cirkul Water Bottle reviews.

For example, we went to the Better Business Bureau. We linked to the full page below, but there were a lot of bad Cirkul Water Bottle reviews.

For example, many users said that they didn’t end up receiving the products they ordered. We saw the company would often respond to these types of complaints, saying that they had an increase in orders which is why there were delays. It seems like this is something they should have proactively let customers know when they placed an order.

Some users had complaints about the customer service as well. In order to cancel an auto-ship for example, you have to email the company directly, and you might not hear back from them for days.

Also, on the BBB site, some customers said that after waiting months to receive their bottle, it didn’t come with the complete set of items. One customer said she waited almost three months and then didn’t get a lid in the box with her water bottle.

Some users said they sent repeated emails asking to cancel their subscription, and they were charged continuously.

We found on other sites that the bottles do tend to leak for some people when water gets trapped in the cartridge. Some users reported having cartridges that came broken too.

On Reddit, we found that some people find they only get two fills of water before their cartridge is empty, compared to the six fills advertised by the company. We even found a few people who said the cartridge flavor didn’t last beyond one use on a low setting.

To be fair, while there are a lot of negative Cirkul Water Bottle reviews, there are some good ones as well. There are users we found on various review sites which say that they feel like along with tasting great, using Cirkul really does encourage them to drink more water.

8. Do We Recommend the Cirkul Water Bottle?

We can’t say that we recommend the Cirkul Water Bottle right now. Our biggest concerns are:

  • Shipping seems to be very delayed
  • The Sips, according to customer reviews don’t appear to last as long as the company says they do
  • The company doesn’t have a reputation for great customer service right now
  • It’s expensive, and you may get enrolled in an auto-ship program
  • There’s not much use for the water bottle if you don’t keep ordering the Sips cartridges

9. Are There Any Better Water Bottles on Amazon?

We couldn’t find a product that was exactly like the Cirkul Water Bottle on Amazon because it’s true that it is innovative. We did find some cool infusion water bottles like cirkul if you want to add things like fruit to your water, and we also linked below to some water flavor products that are highly rated.

On the Cirkul Water Bottle, while it might be viral on TikTok, our recommendation is to wait on this one. The idea is solid, but the execution maybe not so much. If the company can work on some things and deal with customer complaints more effectively, we might eventually change our recommendation.





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