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Lipozene: Is it a Scam?

Last modified on January 3rd, 2023

Lipozene is a controversial supplement and not necessarily one we’d recommend. We cover below what to know about Lipozene reviews and the ingredients in Lipozene. While it’s not something we feel comfortable recommending as a supplement, we will say that some people could get results with it. We’ll also cover any potential Lipozene side effects in the review below.

Lipozene Reviews Key Takeaways

  • Lipozene is a diet and weight loss supplement.
  • Lipozone comes from Konjac root.
  • The active ingredient (Konjac root) can absorb up to 200 times its size in water.
  • The idea is that Lipozene dissolves in your stomach and then helps you feel full for longer.
  • No stimulants.

lipozene, lipozene reviews, does lipozene work, is lipozene safe
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What Is Lipozene?

Lipozene is a weight loss supplement meant to help users reduce their calorie intake by creating a feeling of fullness. Lipozene is stimulant-free.

The maker of the supplement claims that it helps reduce weight and body fat, and it’s safe and effective.

The primary ingredient in this weight loss supplement is called Konjac root. Konjac is also known as glucomannan. The herb is native to Asia, and it’s a starchy, tube-like plant. Konjac can be used to add texture to foods or as a substitute for gelatin. In ancient Chinese medicine, Konjac is sometimes used.

Konjac is a high-fiber ingredient, but soluble fiber can help reduce blood glucose levels and cholesterol.

A high-fiber diet can also help regulate bowel movements, so these can be potential benefits of Lipozene.

What Is in Lipozene?

This dietary weight loss supplement is unique in its use of glucomannan.

The idea is that you take the supplement and then, the absorbable glucomannan can slow down how your food breaks down, and it can also expand in your stomach. The result is theoretically that you feel fuller for longer and eat fewer calories.

At its core, Lipozene is a weight loss supplement that may help you feel less hungry.

Understanding what Lipozene is not can be as important as understanding what it is. Lipozene is NOT a stimulant or a laxative, for example. The only active ingredient is glucomannan, which is discussed in more detail below.

With that being said, what you have to understand is that you may not be eating because of hunger. In fact, many people don’t eat because of hunger. They eat because of other issues such as stress or boredom.

What Should You Know About Konjac (Glucomannan)

Konjac or glucomannan may have some benefits, although the research is limited and mixed.

  • A study in 2008 found glucomannan may prevent constipation.[1] The same study found glucomannan improved bowel function by 30%.
  • In a systematic review in 2008, glucomannan was found to lower so-called bad cholesterol. A separate study found that because of the ability of glucomannan to lower LDL, it could be used to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.[2]
  • In a 2013 study, konjac (glucomannan) helped reduce acne and improve skin health.[3]
  • A 2005 study found that adding a glucomannan fiber supplement to a balanced, low-calorie diet helped participants lose more weight than the same diet plus a placebo.[4]
  • According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), glucomannan has little or no effect on weight.[5]

Above we cited a study showing that glucomannan might be somewhat effective in aiding weight loss. Similarly, a review in Current Obesity Reports looks at nine clinical trials and other research and concludes that on average when taking glucomannan for 5.2 weeks, people lost between 0.5 and 1.7 pounds.[6]

The evidence is mixed at best, though. A study in 2013 found glucomannan doesn’t help with weight loss, change feelings of fullness, or provide any change in body composition.[7]

One interesting benefit to note about glucomannan fiber is that it’s prebiotic. When you consume it, your stomach doesn’t digest the fiber.

Rather, the fiber passes to your intestines. Then, your intestinal bacteria ferment it, so it can be used as fuel. This can help encourage healthy, optimal functioning of your intestinal microorganisms. Benefits of prebiotic compounds like glucomannan fiber can include:

  • Increased healthy intestinal bacteria
  • Increased absorption of minerals
  • Reduced harmful gut bacteria
  • Reduced allergy risk
  • Lower harmful fermentation of gut proteins
  • Improved immune system response

Lipozene Reviews: What Do They Say?

When we review products, we consider customer feedback first and foremost. We like to go to the source—Amazon— and see what real people say. That’s one reason why Lipozene isn’t a product we feel comfortable wholeheartedly recommending.

The Lipozene reviews 2023 just aren’t that favorable overall.

Lipozene reviews 2023 on Amazon earn only a 2.8 out of 5 stars, while most of the products we review have at least four. Thirty-eight percent of Amazon Lipozene reviews are a one-star. Only 30% are five-star, and 7% are four-star.

Even with the positive Lipozene reviews, it’s possible they aren’t legitimate or maybe were paid for their reviews, based on the way they’re written. They just don’t come off as entirely authentic.

Some of the negative details from Lipozene reviews that we found include:

  • Some people say the symptoms are challenging to deal with, such as extreme diarrhea.
  • According to some customers, they received shipments that appeared to be old or stale.
  • Other reviews say the product was officially expired when they got it.
  • Some customers received bottles that were only half full or had some empty capsules.
  • Along with many reviews saying the product didn’t work, some people even say it made them gain weight.
  • Some described the product as a scam.

There were a few positive reviews. Some Lipozene reviews 2023 indicated users found it helped them eat less.

How Does Lipozene Work?

If you were to take this supplement, the only active ingredient, glucomannan, would then absorb a significant amount of water.

  • One capsule can transform a single glass of water entirely into a gel.
  • You take the supplement, and then that gel is formed in your stomach, which is how you theoretically lose weight and feel fuller.
  • If someone were to take this supplement, the instructions indicate they would take two capsules 30 minutes before a meal with at least eight ounces of water. According to instructions, you could take Lipozene up to three times a day.
  • For someone taking it, timing is important. You have to take it before a meal because the goal is to help you feel fuller before you eat.
  • You also have to ensure you drink plenty of water with it. You can’t just take the powder inside the capsules.

The glucomannan powder is highly absorbent. If you were to take the powder alone without it being in the capsules or you were not to have enough water, it could expand too much before reaching your stomach, leading to a blockage.

Does Lipozene Work?

When answering the question “does Lipozene work,” we’re going to have to say that it’s not likely, and most reviews seem to indicate it doesn’t work as far as substantial weight loss.

While it’s possible you could experience benefits from this supplement in terms of appetite control, there’s no anecdotal or research-based evidence this product could lead to significant weight loss.

When you take Lipozene, there are no benefits for how your body burns fat, your metabolism, or your energy levels. The only thing that may happen is that you might eat less.

How Fast Does Lipozene Work?

Since the idea behind Lipozene is that it creates a thick gel that expands in your stomach and reduces your hunger, you take it 30 minutes before a meal. Then, within those 30 minutes, you should start to feel full.

As far as how fast it works to help lose weight, that’s dependent on your diet and exercise habits as well.

Is Lipozene Safe?

While we wouldn’t necessarily say that Lipozene is an effective weight loss product, we couldn’t find any very prevalent serious side effects associated with its use.

The primary side effects we found based on Lipozene reviews were gastrointestinal. For example, some people experienced bloating or diarrhea. This is likely because the active ingredient is high in fiber.

However, if you take it any differently than how the manufacturer says to take it, it could become dangerous.

As was touched on above, if you take only the powder without the capsule, or you don’t use enough water, it can lead to too much expansion before it reaches your stomach. That can then cause a potentially life-threatening blockage.

Also, if you take too much fiber too suddenly, you can experience digestive side effects.

If you take any medicines, such as diabetes medicines like sulfonylureas, taking Lipozene could reduce the effectiveness because it impedes absorption.

Lipozene Settlement Claim Form

There is a closed class-action lawsuit related to Lipozene right now, which we felt was important to mention in this review.

The settlement in this case was $4.6 million, and it indicates the Obesity Research Institute deceived customers about the effectiveness of Lipozene weight loss pills.

The Class Members were people who purchased Lipozene between August 10, 2012, and October 28, 2019.[8]

According to the Lipozene lawsuits, plaintiffs said Obesity Research Institute and Continuity Products falsely advertised this product as a breakthrough in weight loss. The class-action suit said contrary to those claims, it was not an effective or safe weight loss treatment.










  • Only one ingredient which is a prebiotic fiber
  • May reduce appetite
  • Could help regulate bowel movements


  • Most Lipozene reviews say it’s not effective
  • Doesn’t help with metabolism or energy levels
  • The manufacturer faced a class-action Lipozene lawsuits with claimants saying the product was ineffective
  • Doesn’t help with underlying causes of overeating

Lipozene Reviews- Final Thoughts

Lipozene is a fairly popular product, but we would not recommend it. The only ingredient is glucomannan, which expands in your stomach to help you feel fuller. While you may eat less, clinical research shows no evidence of substantial weight loss.

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