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Nugenix Total T: What to Know

Last modified on January 7th, 2023

Nugenix Total T is a specific product from the Nugenix brand, which is highly popular among men’s vitality and testosterone supplements. Nugenix Total T is a high-potency formulation that can boost libido, stamina, motivation, energy, and muscle. It’s a top-rated product among many customers, and we explore everything you should know as far as Nugenix Total T reviews.

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  • Nugenix Total T is formulated to boost both free and total testosterone.
  • Includes eight ingredients
  • Made with Testofen, which has been clinically shown to help men feel better.
  • Needs to be taken for at least 12 weeks to see the best results.

What Is Nugenix Total T?

Nugenix Total T is a testosterone-boosting natural supplement. It contains a proprietary blend of ingredients. It’s from the Nugenix company, but one of the big differences between Total T and the traditional Nugenix formulation is that Nugenix is just for free testosterone. Nugenix Total T aims to increase both free and total testosterone.

Specific benefits of Total T may include:

  • Higher levels of free and total T
  • Increased libido
  • More motivation
  • Increased lean muscle, particularly when paired with exercise
  • More energy without stimulants

Total T is made with ingredients that are well-studied and have been shown to have certain benefits in double-blind and placebo-controlled studies.

Nugenix Total T Ingredients

The following are the ingredients in Total T and some of the benefits they may have.

Vitamin B 6

Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin that helps your body turn food into energy.[1] Vitamin B6 and other B vitamins are considered metabolic enhancers, meaning they help with cell health, energy utilization, and hormonal optimization. Also, without B6, your body can’t properly absorb B12.

Pyridoxine, a specific form of B6 that’s in Nugenix Total T, controls the levels of a certain amino acid in your blood, which may play a role in lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease.

As far as vitamin B6 and testosterone, research suggests that B6 plays an important role in the action of testosterone and other steroid hormones. In animal studies, when a B6 deficiency is present, it can reduce the rate of synthesis of testosterone.[2]

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin is included as one of the ingredients in Nugenix Total T. Ensuring you get enough B12 either from your diet or supplements is an important part of overall health, and your body can’t produce its own B12.[3]

Vitamin B12 supports your nerve cells, and your body needs it for red blood cell formation. B12 can help improve your energy levels, memory, and it can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

B12 also appears to play a role in testicular functions, including sperm production.[4]


Zinc is an important nutrient that plays a pivotal role in many of the functions of your body.

Your body can’t produce or store zinc, so you need to get it constantly from your diet or a supplement.

Zinc is required for proper functioning of the metabolic, digestive, and nervous systems. It’s also part of how your immune cell systems function.

Adequate zinc intake can reduce the risk of certain diseases related to aging, such as pneumonia and macular degeneration related to age. Older adults who take a zinc supplement have been found to have improved mental performance, and one study found taking 45 mg of zinc a day decreased infection risk by 66%.[5]

Zinc reduces oxidative stress and inflammation. Inflammation is linked to chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and mental decline.

There are also significant links between zinc and testosterone, which is why it’s included in Nugenix Total T.

There was one study where men who received 30 mg of zinc a day had increased levels of free testosterone.[6]

There have also been studies of older men that found a diet without zinc led to significant drops in testosterone.

L-Citrulline Malate

L-citrulline malate is an amino acid that turns into L-arginine and can improve the synthesis of nitric oxide. As a result, L-citrulline malate can have benefits for athletic performance, vascular health, and it may improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

L-citrulline malate may improve blood flow and help improve endurance and reduce fatigue.[7]

Testofen (Fenugreek Extract)

Testofen is a proprietary fenugreek extract. Testofen supports sexual desire and vitality, free testosterone levels, and muscle mass. It may also reduce the symptoms of male andropause. There have been animal and human clinical studies that have shown Testofen’s effectiveness.[8]

Fenugreek, in general, has been shown to boost testosterone levels, lower blood sugar and inflammation and help with appetite control.[9]

Studies have shown that over eight weeks when taking 500 mg of fenugreek per day, testosterone was increased, and body fat was reduced. There was a six-week study of 30 men who were provided with 600 mg of fenugreek. Participants reported improved sexual function and increased strength.[10]

ElevATP Blend

ElevATP is a blend of trace minerals from ancient peat extract and apple fruit extract. Nugenix Total T contains 150 mg of ElevATP per serving. This combination has been shown to improve levels of ATP and improve power, performance, and strength in athletes who resistance train.[11]

When you have higher levels of ATP, which can come from ElevATP, you may have better metabolism and performance and also better overall health.

Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma longifolia has long been used in traditional medicine as a means of treating erectile dysfunction and male infertility, improving sexual desire, and also boosting athletic performance.[12] There is research indicating it may be effective for all three. Eurycoma longifolia is thought to have anti-estrogen effects too.[13]


Boron is a nutritional element found in foods like spinach and kale. Boron helps with metabolizing vitamins and minerals; it’s important for bone health and affects testosterone and estrogen levels.[14]

A 2015 review of literature related to boron that found taking a 6 mg dose could have benefits, including increasing free testosterone by 25% and increasing the metabolism of total testosterone to free testosterone.

Boron may also help more free testosterone bond with blood proteins, which is beneficial as you age.

There was a small study in 2011 that found taking 10 mg of boron a day increased free testosterone significantly.[15]

How to Take Nugenix Total T

You should only take Total T if you’re a male over the age of 18. Always speak to your doctor before taking any supplement, including a testosterone-boosting supplement, especially if you’re on any medications or have any health conditions.

You can take Total T with or without food, and you take three capsules a day. Total T may work best on an empty stomach, but if you feel dizzy or nauseous when taking it without food, it’s fine to have it with food.

Some people wonder if they can open the capsules and empty the powder into food or drinks. According to the Nugenix company, they haven’t tested it under those circumstances, so they don’t recommend doing that.

It’s best to take Nugenix Total T capsules all at once rather than taking them separately throughout the day in a divided dose.

Nugenix Total T Reviews

One of the primary things to consider when choosing a supplement is what the reviews say. We highlight both the positive and negative Total T reviews to be aware of.

As far as positive Nugenix Total T reviews, users say the following:

  • Total T reviews tend to be largely positive, with an average four-star rating on Amazon.
  • Users say they did feel increased energy and an improved sex drive.
  • Users say taking Nugenix Total T has helped them lose significant amounts of weight.
  • Many users say Nugenix Total T doesn’t have side effects for them.
  • Some Nugenix Total T reviews say the product has helped them see an increase in their testosterone in lab results.
  • May improve the quality of your sex life, based on Nugenix Total T reviews from customers.
  • Some users say Nugenix Total T has helped them improve their workouts.

While the majority of Total T reviews are positive, there are some negative reviews to be aware of.

  • The primary negative complaint is that for some people, they don’t feel this product works for them or has any effect.
  • Some people say they experienced side effects, such as not being able to fall asleep.
  • Nugenix Total T might reduce your appetite—this can be a positive for some people and a negative for others.
  • Other reported side effects include gas and gastrointestinal upset.

It’s worth mentioning that for the people who say Total T didn’t work for them, it may be because they didn’t take it long enough. With all the Nugenix products, consistency is key to see the effects. You’re advised to take Nugenix Total T for at least 12 weeks before you start seeing benefits.

Nugenix breaks it down in the following way, as far as what you can expect when using the product:

  • Within 60 minutes of taking Nugenix Total T, you will experience increased exercise performance training volume and more ATP in your muscles and blood.
  • Within three weeks after you start consistently taking Nugenix Total T, you will start to notice improvements in libido, drive, vitality, and performance.
  • Within six to 12 weeks after you consistently take Nugenix Total T, you should notice optimal free and total testosterone levels and boosts in your lean muscle mass. You should also notice improved endurance, strength, and body composition.

You’re likely going to notice maximum benefits if you combine Total T with resistance training.

You could also see better benefits if you stay away from foods known to affect testosterone levels negatively. These include excessive alcohol use, canned foods, hydrogenated oils, trans-fats, and refined sugar and carbohydrates.

Is Nugenix Total T Safe?

Aside from possible mild side effects, we didn’t find any evidence that Nugenix Total T is not safe. The company has a good reputation, and they make their products under FDA guidelines. All the Nugenix products are also tested for potency and quality.

With that being said, supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, and you need to talk to your doctor before using them.

Everyone’s body can respond to supplements differently. While there aren’t known side effects, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience any.

Who Should Take Nugenix Total T?

Total T is a supplement that doesn’t have any stimulants or banned substances. Instead, it’s intended to help raise your free and total testosterone levels naturally using vitamins, minerals, and herbal ingredients.

You might consider taking Nugenix Total T if you have signs of low testosterone. Your doctor can also test you if you believe you have low T, but you’re not sure.

The American Urology Association defines low blood testosterone as having less than 300 nanograms per deciliter.[16]

Testosterone levels tend to decrease as you age, and that’s normal, but for some people, those declines may be more significant than for others.

If you have low testosterone, symptoms may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Loss of body hair
  • Problems with focus and concentration
  • Memory problems

If you have low testosterone, you may be at higher risk for anemia as well.

There are prescription testosterone replacement medications, but not everyone wants to take those. One reason may be due to the side effects, but it could also be because your testosterone is low but not clinically low enough for prescription medicine.

Trying a supplement like  Total T may be an option before taking prescription testosterone if your doctor gives you the go-ahead.



















Final Thoughts

The entire Nugenix product line seems to be backed by clinical research and quality ingredients. Nugenix Total T is a well-rated product. According to Nugenix Total T reviews, many people see benefits in their libido, sexual performance, athletic performance and lean muscle mass. According to Nugenix Total T, the product seems to work best when you take it for at least 12 weeks, and when you pair it with resistance training. A healthy diet could further the benefits you see. You should always speak to your doctor about taking any supplements, including Nugenix Total T.

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