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Should You Try Oxy Powder From Global Healing Center?

Last modified on February 9th, 2023

Oxy-Powder, also referred to as Oxy Powder is from the Global Healing Center supplement brand.

This supplement cleans and detoxifies your gut and colon while you sleep. It’s a natural, oxygen-based digestive cleanser. 

It is well-rated, so we looked at the Oxy-Powder ingredients and how it works.

Key Takeaways

  • Contains clinically-proven ingredients
  • May help support healthy digestion and reduce gas and bloating
  • It can help with occasional constipation
  • Uses oxygen to cleanse your colon of toxins and impurities gently
Oxy Powder is a natural oxygen based intestinal and GI cleanser.

What is Oxy Powder?

Oxy Powder is a product from Global Health Center that can help with digestive and gut health issues.

For example, it might help with the following:

  • Occasional constipation
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Detoxification of the intestinal tract
  • Removes impurities to promote optimal nutrient absorption
  • May help boost your energy levels
  • Can help your stomach look flatter

This supplement might help optimize your digestive health and cleanse and detoxify your colon.

Oxy-Powder contains natural ozonated magnesium paired with citric acid.

The oxygen is released from the supplement, which helps loosen the waste that’s impacted. The oxygen also deeply and thoroughly cleans your digestive tract but does so gently.

The capsules are easy-to-swallow, and they dissolve quickly. There is no aftertaste or odor associated with the use of Oxy-Powder.

According to the company that makes this supplement, the intestinal tract is 25 to 30 feet long, covering the surface area of a tennis court. By age 40, you may have 10 to 20 pounds of compacted fecal matter stuck in your intestinal tract, and Oxy-Powder can help cleanse that out.

You can take Oxy-Powder while you sleep, so you don’t have to worry about its use interrupting your daily schedule or routine.

How Does It Work?

We’ve touched on this briefly, but some people are interested to learn in more detail how an oxygen-based colon cleanse might work.

First, take four capsules and a full glass of purified water before bed. Then, you should have three to five bowel movements the next day.

After you go to bed, the oxygen gets to work. An oxygen-based colon cleaner slowly releases oxygen throughout your gut, cleaning your colon.

This product also includes magnesium oxide, which is oxygenated magnesium. The acid in your stomach reacts to this ingredient, softening your stool.

The probiotics already in your stomach are more effective with an oxygen boost.

Since your gut and brain are connected, using an oxygen-cleaning supplement like this might help promote better mental well-being and physical health.

Oxy Powder includes citric acid too. Citric acid facilitates oxygen release and stabilizes this supplement formula.

Does Your Colon Need to Be Cleaned?

Modern living can mean that toxins invade our bodies and accumulate there.

Toxins can come from the food we eat, stress, and harmful organisms.

Many toxins enter our bodies through the lining of our intestines.

If toxins accumulate in your body, your self-healing starts to slow down, which can lead to poor overall health.

Signs that you could have toxins in your body or need to cleanse your colon include constipation, bloating, and gas.

Also, lack of energy, low mood, and fatigue are all other signs you might need to cleanse your intestines.

If you travel frequently, don’t get much exercise, or eat a lot of processed foods, it can also make it hard for your body to eliminate toxins.

Specifically, some of the top reasons to use a colon cleanse like Oxy Powder include:

  • Much of the food we eat is processed, and this leaves toxins to accumulate in our bodies, which can negatively affect our health. When you do a colon cleanse, you increase the beneficial flora throughout your gut.
  • A colon flushing supplement might help you get started if you want to lose weight.
  • If you deal with issues such as constipation, gas, or bloating, Oxy-Powder may help alleviate these symptoms.
  • When your intestinal tract is filled with toxins, it can impact your energy levels and make you feel fatigued. Your body can’t absorb nutrients properly, which can also contribute to this. If you clean your colon and your intestinal system, your body is better prepared to absorb nutrients.
  • An oxygen cleanse can give your natural detoxification and immune systems a kickstart.

How Do You Take It?

The Oxy-Powder company offers tips that may help the supplement be more effective when you take it.

First, drink plenty of purified water when you’re using it. When you’re hydrated, it helps your body flush itself out and rid itself of toxins.

You should get plenty of rest when you’re cleansing, and it might be helpful to take Oxy-Powder the night before you have a day off from work because you will likely experience loose stools, which is normal.

When you initially use the capsules, you should take them with a full glass of purified water before bed.

If you take them and don’t have three to five bowel movements the next day, you should increase your serving by two capsules each night until you have that many bowel movements.

Then, take that serving size for five more days.

For maintenance, you can take the serving size you found effective twice a week.

Add the juice of half a lemon to your water for more cleansing power.

You should also get plenty of exercise when you’re using this product.

Do not use Oxy-Powder if you have any health concerns, particularly heart or kidney issues.

What Do Oxy Powder Reviews Say?

Oxy Powder reviews are largely positive.

We could find no one-star reviews on Amazon and very few two and three-star reviews.

This product has 91% five-star ratings and 6% four-star ratings.

Most say this product is effective and helps improve their bowel movements.

Many reviews say it helps make the process of losing weight easier.

People also said it gives them the benefits of laxatives in many ways without discomfort. People who use it say that it helps soften stool and it helps them go to the bathroom more frequently, but not in an out-of-control way.

We couldn’t find anyone saying they experienced major side effects such as cramping, but reviews say you need to plan your day accordingly when using Oxy-Powder.

Based on what we found in the reviews, it’s very important that you drink enough water when you take the capsules and give them time to work.

Many reviewers say it took them a couple of days to see results.

Buying Oxy Powder on Amazon

One of the easiest ways to get this product is to buy Oxy Powder on Amazon.

We recommend buying supplements on Amazon because they have competitive prices, Prime shipping, and easy return policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a few frequently asked questions.

What is Oxy Powder?

Oxy-Powder is a capsule supplement that harnesses the power of oxygen and magnesium to help release waste that might be stuck in your intestinal system.

It can help soften and release stool and waste gently without the discomfort and side effects of a traditional laxative.

If you experience bloating, constipation, fatigue, lack of energy, or a down mood, it could be a sign that you may have accumulated toxins. Oxy-Powder may help your body release those toxins, many of which come from unhealthy diets with many processed foods.

Specific benefits may include:

  • You’ll feel more refreshed
  • Promotes digestive system health
  • It helps with regular bowel movements
  • Alleviates bloating and gas

Where Can I Buy It?

We recommend buying Oxy-Powder on Amazon.

How Does This Work?

Oxy-Powder is a natural oxygen-based colon cleanser. It breaks down fecal impaction in the intestinal tract into a gas or liquid.

Along with helping clear out your intestinal system, the supplement may allow undigested waste to pass through your system more easily.

You might also absorb vitamins and nutrients better.

Final Thoughts

Oxy Powder is a colon-cleansing supplement with a lot of positive reviews. It works as an oxygen-based colon cleaner, breaking down fecal impaction. Based on our research, it could be worth a try, but you should always speak to your healthcare provider first.

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