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What is the Best GermGuardian Air Purifier?

Last modified on November 16th, 2022

GermGuardian offers some of the best air purifiers available. With COVID-19 still impacting the world so significantly right now, a lot of people are interested in air purifiers and how to choose the best one. We cover the top-rated GermGuardian air purifiers and provide some more information to keep in mind when buying an air purifier in general.

germguardian, germguardian air purifier, germguardian ac4825, germ guardian ac5250pt
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GermGuardian True HEPA Filter Purifier with UV Light Sanitizer (AC4825)

  • 4-in-1 home air purifier
  • True HEPA air filter reduces up to 99.97% of harmful pollen, pet dander, mold germs, dust, and more
  • UV-C light helps kill airborne viruses
  • Works with Titanium Dioxide to reduce volatile organic compounds
  • Traps pet hair and other large particles
  • Eliminates smoke, cooking fumes, and pet smells
  • Quiet operation so you can use it at night
  • 22-inches high
  • Cleans a room up to 167 square feet
  • CADR smoke—108
  • CADR pollen—125
  • CADR dust—118

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We like a lot of things about the GermGuardian AC4825, and in particular, we like the UV-C light for extra cleaning and sanitizing power.

This GermGuardian air purifier has a three-year warranty, and there’s an ultra-quiet mode so you can operate it all night.

germguardian, germguardian air purifier, germguardian ac4825, germguardian ac5250pt
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GermGuardian AC5900WCA

  • 3-in-1 home air purifier
  • True HEPA filter can reduce up to 99.97% of germs, dust, mold, and pet dander
  • UV-C light can kill viruses like staph and influenza
  • Reduces volatile organic compounds with Titanium Dioxide
  • Reduces odors with an activated charcoal filter
  • Eight-hour timer and three speed settings
  • 21-inch height
  • Cleans a room up to 338 square feet
  • CADR smoke—218
  • CADR pollen—215
  • CADR dust—220

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Like other GermGuardian air purifiers, the AC5900 has an optional UV-C light. You can trap odors and allergens, and there’s a programmable timer. This model is specially made for larger rooms, so it can also work in an open concept.

germguardian, germguardian air purifier, germguardian ac4825, germguardian ac5250pt
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Germ Guardian AC5350W

  • True HEPA filter
  • Kills germs and viruses with a UVC light
  • Pre-filter traps dust, pet hair, and other large particles—this also extends the life of the HEPA filter
  • Reduces odors with an activated charcoal filter
  • Ultra-quiet sleep mode available
  • Five speed settings and customizable timer settings up to eight hours
  • 28 inches tall
  • Lightweight
  • Digital display
  • Works for rooms up to 167 sq. ft. ideally
  • Filters air up to four times an hour

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According to reviews for the GermGuardian AC5350W, this air filtration system can help with seasonal allergies and dust. Many people say they use this air purifier to help protect their respiratory system, particularly with the ongoing pandemic.

Reviewers say when they sleep with the air purifier on, they feel like they wake up with a less stuffy nose, and they describe the replacement filters as being reasonably priced.

Many reviewers say the size of this air purifier is probably best-suited to a space the size of a bedroom.

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GermGuardian AP2200CA Air Purifier

  • High-performance allergen filter
  • Carbon filter layer to reduce household odors from cooking, smoking, pets, etc.
  • 22-inch tower design
  • Good for medium-sized rooms
  • Only one filter that needs to be replaced every six to eight months depending on use
  • Three speeds can clean a room up to 186 square feet
  • CADR smoke—120
  • CADR pollen—159
  • CADR dust—135
  • Energy Star-rated

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According to reviews for this particular GermGuardian air purifier, its strengths lie in its ability to eliminate odors and smoke from a room. Reviews say that it helps with their allergies and asthma. Pet owners also say it helps them in their battle against pet hair and helps them breathe easier.

germguardian, germguardian air purifier, germguardian ac4825, germ guardian ac5250pt
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GermGuardian AC4100 Air Purifier

  • Filters up to 99.97% of harmful dust, pollen, mold spores, germs, and more
  • 11-inch tabletop design perfect for offices and small spaces
  • Includes an optional UVC light to kill airborne viruses and germs
  • Pre-filter traps allergens and large particles
  • Activated charcoal particles help eliminate unwanted odors
  • Three-speed setting
  • Filters the air in rooms up to 78 square feet
  • CADR smoke—50
  • CADR pollen—76
  • CADR dust—56

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The Germ Guardian AC4100 is a perfect air purifier for work or a smaller space at home.

It has a small, compact footprint but a lot of cleaning and purifying power.

Reviewers describe this purifier as amazing, saying that the HEPA filter dramatically reduces allergic responses.

The biggest downside for some reviewers of this particular air purifier is that some say it’s too loud for their tastes.

germguardian, germguardian air purifier, germguardian ac4825, germ guardian ac5250pt
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GermGuardian AC4200W

  • 360-degree air purifier
  • True HEPA filter traps dust and particles
  • Activated charcoal filter reduces odors
  • Four-speed settings and an ultra-quiet mode
  • 5-inch tower-style purifier
  • Cleans small-to-medium sized rooms up to 105 square feet
  • CADR smoke—68
  • CADR pollen—77
  • CADR dust—76

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According to reviews of the AC4200W, this air purifier can significantly improve your indoor air quality. Reviewers say that running this purifier helps their air feel and smell cleaner and removes mustiness. It may also improve allergy symptoms. Reviews also say it has a very quiet operation.

germguardian, germguardian air purifier, germ guardian ac4825, germ guardian ac5250pt
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GermGuardian Pluggable Purifier GG1100B

  • Compact air sanitizer that plugs in and is only 7 inches
  • Can be used in a bathroom, near a litter box, or in the kitchen
  • Small-but-powerful purifier can reduce airborne germs, household odors and can provide cleaner air
  • Includes a UV-C light to kill airborne viruses
  • There’s no filter to replace—you just have to replace the UV-c light bulb every 10 to 12 months depending on use

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According to reviews, this tiny air purifier that plugs directly into your wall outlet can pack a punch in terms of its ability to remove odors. Reviews say that for the price, they feel like it’s a good product. In particular, reviewers say they use this plug-in GermGuardian in their kitchen for cooking odors and near their cat boxes.

Some users say it can remove odors instantly when you plug it in, and it starts going.

An Overview of GermGuardian Air Purifiers

Germ Guardian is a top company for air purifiers. Guardian Technologies also offers different small appliances to help people have healthy, happy homes. Other products available from the company include UV air sanitizers, HEPA filters, heating and cooling appliances, and essential oil diffusers.

In your home at any given time, there are mold spores, pet dander, pollen, odors, dust mites, and even bacteria and viruses.

Using a Germ Guardian air purifier with HEPA filters captures the small particles.

What’s unique about Germ Guardian, in particular, is that they also have UV light technology on many of their air purifiers. This is something a lot of people are looking for as we’re heading into winter. You can reduce your potential exposure to things like COVID-19 and live in a home with fresh, clean air.

Benefits of Having an Air Purifier in Your Home or Office

If you’re thinking about an air purifier, there are more expensive brands like Molekule, but GermGuardian’s air purifiers are comparable in quality for a much lower price.

Air purifiers capture pollutants in the filter or multiple filters they contain. Then clean air is pushed back out into your home. Filters may be made of different materials like fiber, paper, and mesh. You have to factor in the cost of filters when you’re getting an air purifier because they have to be replaced regularly.

While most air purifiers can capture participles like pollen and dust, they don’t capture gases. That requires activated carbon. However, many of the GermGuardian air purifiers highlighted above do have activated carbon.

In general, some of the benefits of having an air purifier in your home or office include:

  • Around 1 in 12 people have asthma. When you have asthma, pollutants can make it worse and can make it harder to breathe. While regular vacuuming can help eliminate some irritating pollutants, some remain suspended in the air. An air purifier with a HEPA filter can help clean the air and reduce asthma symptoms.
  • Our homes often have harmful chemicals. These can come from outdoors, and they can also come from things we use inside our homes like household cleaners. Exposure to certain chemicals is linked to cancers and tumors, neurological and cardiovascular disorders. To remove chemical contaminants, in particular, look for an air purifier with activated carbon.
  • A home with odors from things like cooking, pets, and smoke is not very pleasant. The use of an air purifier can clean and freshen your home’s air and eliminate odors.
  • Having an air purifier in your home or workplace can reduce the risk of airborne diseases. This is a big priority for a lot of people right now. To make sure you’re getting the most cleaning power, you should look for an air purifier with a HEPA filter. It’s the HEPA filter that captures viruses and bacteria. According to the EPA, when used properly, air purifiers and cleaners can be part of a plan to reduce the potential indoor transmission of COVID-19.
  • When you’re sleeping and exposed to allergens like dust mites, fungi and bacteria, it can trigger allergies and respiratory problems. These can disrupt your sleep. Some people find using an air purifier with a HEPA filter helps them get better sleep.
  • Many houses have radon, which is an odorless and colorless gas. It’s often found in building materials, and it can cause cancer. An air purifier can trap radon particles.

What to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier

Whether you’re buying a GermGuardian air purifier or another brand, some factors play a role in the buying process.

Types of Air Purifiers

Most air purifiers do have a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. Some air purifiers also have other types of filters as well. The best purifiers, including many GermGuardian air purifiers, have a combination of two, three, or more filters.

  • HEPA filters can capture pollutants that are as small as 0.3 microns. These are particles so small you can’t see them with the human eye. The smallest particles we can visibly see are usually 50-60 microns.
  • Activated carbon filters trap odors, but they don’t trap bacteria and viruses like HEPA. If things like pet or cooking odors are a big concern for you, choose an air purifier with an activated carbon filter.
  • Ultraviolet light air purifiers use UV rays to kill more germs that are in the air. Several of the GermGuardian air purifiers above have this feature.

One thing to watch out for is an ozone generator. An ozone generator can absorb odors, but exposure to even small amounts of ozone can have negative health effects.


You want to base the size of air purifier on the size of the room you want it to clean. Typically, the manufacturer will list the room size that will work for any given air purifier. If you buy a model that can be used in a bigger space, you can run it at a lower setting and it will still be effective, saving energy.


Most air purifiers with a HEPA filter will produce noise ranging from 35 to 70 decibels, depending on the settings you’re operating the machine at. Look for purifiers with lower noise levels, particularly if you want to sleep with it on.

Some of the Germ Guardians above have a special sleep setting.

Clean-Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

If you look at the air purifiers above, you’ll see something that says CADR, along with pollen and dust. CADR is a measure of cleaning speed for a particular room. For example, a high CADR means the purifier can quickly clean the air.

CADR is a measure of cubic feet per minute. It is a metric developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

If an air purifier has a CADR of 200 for pollen, for example, that means that the device can reduce pollen concentration at a rate equivalent to adding 200 cubic feet of fresh air each minute. If you are specifically looking for an air purifier for someone who has COVID-19, Consumer Reports recommends having a CADR of 240 or above.

Most air purifiers take anywhere from 30 minutes up to two hours to clean a room. Many efficient air purifiers can clean a room four or five times an hour.

Final Thoughts—GermGuardian Air Purifiers

GermGuardian air purifiers are excellent for cleaning rooms and they can be used at home or work. Along with the models highlighted above, the company offers many other options.

An air purifier can help the air in your home or workplace be cleaner, fresher, and trigger less allergy and asthma symptoms.

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