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Thercurmin is the Best Curcumin

Last modified on February 2nd, 2023

Theracurmin is a supplement that provides the maximum level of benefits as far as taking turmeric.

Many of us know the benefits of turmeric including reduced inflammation, improved heart health and also better brain health.

One of the big downfalls of most turmeric supplements, however, is the fact that they aren’t easily absorbed.

Theracurmin is a unique, research-backed formulation that’s highly bioavailable. That means it’s going to stay in your bloodstream longer and provide you with the most possible benefits.

We explore everything you should know about this potent curcumin supplement and its benefits, as well as the top Theracumin supplements.

What is Theracurmin?

One of the most popular types of supplements is called Theracumin HP from Integrative Therapeutics.

Thercurmin HP is a unique and patented preparation of turmeric. It features a colloidal dispersion technology, which significantly improves bioavailability and turmeric levels in the blood. Clinical research shows it’s more than 27 times more bioavailable than standard turmeric extracts. We provide more details about the Theracurmin HP product below.

Essentially, when you’re taking standard types of turmeric, it doesn’t matter how big a dose you take or how often you take it if your body isn’t absorbing it. One way turmeric supplement manufacturers have combatted that is by adding Bioperine or black pepper, which may improve absorption.

Theracurmin goes beyond that, however. In fact, many of these supplements don’t even use black pepper because it’s not needed.

To make this bioavailable curcumin, it’s mixed with ingredients like gum ghatti, and then the particle size is ground down. The natural process leads to a stable suspension, which again means it’s highly bioavailable.

Along with being bioavailable for use by your body, the water-dispersed technology of the turmeric also makes it easy to mix into beverages.

There are different products aside from Theracurmin HP. The makers might go about reducing the particle size in different ways, but ultimately, the differentiator between these and other types of curcumin is simply that they use nanotechnology. Nontechnology creates much smaller particles so your body can absorb them more effectively.

What Does Bioavailability Mean?

Bioavailability is a term indicating the ability of a substance to be absorbed and then used by your body. When something is orally bioavailable, it means you can take it by mouth, and then it can be absorbed and used.

When we’re reviewing supplements, we talk about bioavailability a lot because it is so important.

Too often if you’re not choosing a supplement formulation that’s bioavailable, then your body is going to excrete it at all, and you won’t get any of the health benefits.

What is Curcumin?

Theracurmin is just a more bioactive and specially prepared form of curcumin. Curcumin is a bioactive compound found in turmeric. Curcumin is a yellow pigment, and it can be extracted to create a supplement that’s stronger than turmeric. Curcumin isn’t well-absorbed during digestion, however, which is why there are special formulations designed to avoid this problem. 

Curcumin is just one chemical found in turmeric. There are many others, but curcumin is believed to have the majority of the health benefits associated with turmeric.

Using turmeric and curcumin supplements may reduce inflammation markers. Inflammation is associated with many chronic diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. There is some evidence that curcumin supplements can help with osteoarthritis and chronic pain, and they may reduce blood pressure and blood glucose.

There’s also a bit of evidence showing curcumin can help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression.

What Are the Benefits of Theracurmin?

There are a lot of clinical studies that look specifically at the benefits, including:

Cognition and Memory

In general, turmeric may have benefits on cognition and memory.

Theracurmin, in an 18-month study, showed some improvements in short-term memory, attention, and verbal memory compared to participants taking a placebo.

In a study at UCLA, the daily consumption of taking 180 milligrams of Theracurmin improved memory and mood in people with mild age-related memory loss.  

The study looked at 40 adults between the ages of 50 and 90 years old with mild memory-related symptoms. The researchers leading the study said their findings could suggest “meaningful cognitive benefits” associated with the use of Theracurmin.

Other research has found that curcumin and Theracurmin can have anti-amyloid properties that may provide neuroprotection from diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Research shows that the neurodegeneration linked to Alzheimer’s often begins years before symptoms start, so taking a curcumin supplement like Theracurmin early on before these symptoms become more pronounced could be important for prevention.

Fatty Liver

There was a study that looked at Thercurmin’s benefits on fatty liver. This study found that Theracurmin treatment for 12 weeks in mice significantly lowered cellular damage , total cholesterol and can also be an effective remedy to prevent fatty liver.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is one of the most common liver diseases in the world. It can mean a range of liver damage, from simple steatosis to cirrhosis. Non-alcohol fatty liver disease is linked to metabolic syndrome conditions including obesity, insulin resistance, and hypertension.


There is a lot of interest in the benefits of curcumin for people with cancer. Curcumin’s antioxidant properties may reduce inflammation and inflammation is thought to lead to cancer.

In 2008, there was a study that found curcumin could potentially fight pancreatic cancer cells. However, that study showed very high levels were needed. That study actually led to the development of Theracurmin to address the issue of bioavailability.

In 2009, a study found curcumin kills cancer cells in multiple ways but doesn’t affect healthy cells.

A study found 2016 looked at the anticancer benefits of Theracurmin, in particular on prostate and bladder cancer cells. That research found that Theracurmin did have anti-cancer effects and led to cell death. The researchers working on that study concluded that there might be potential for Theracurmin as an anticancer agent in treating certain types of cancer.


Curcumin is, in general, one of the most effective supplements for joint pain and osteoarthritis. Specific studies have looked at the benefits of Theracurmin for knee osteoarthritis, citing its particular effectiveness.

For example, in one study, after eight weeks of starting treating with Theracurmin, participants taking the supplement had significantly lower knee pain scores than in the placebo group. Theracurmin also lowered dependence on celecoxib significantly more than the placebo, and during the study, no major side effects were observed.

If you experience chronic pain that’s from another cause aside from osteoarthritis, you might also find relief with the use of Theracurmin.

A separate study found that taking Theracurmin for four weeks, both with and without also exercising, seemed to help reduce pain for people with osteoarthritis.

Depression and Anxiety

A lot of people already know about the general health benefits of curcumin and turmeric for things like joint pain and memory, but less is known about the potential mental health benefits. It’s a promising area of research.

Research has shown possible benefits of turmeric and curcumin for symptoms of mild and even major depression.

This could be due to the links between chronic inflammation and depression. By combatting chronic inflammation, it’s possible curcumin could help with depression symptoms.

There was a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in 2014 that found curcumin was effective in helping with depression when used on its own. A study from 2015 indicated curcumin might help improve the effectiveness of prescription antidepressants.  

Theracurmin Studies

As has been mentioned throughout this review, one of the things we appreciate quite a bit about Theracurmin is the fact that there are so many studies backing up its efficacy. To make it easier to review these, we compiled a list of some of the best Theracurmin studies below:

A review of highly bioavailable forms of curcumin

Study of memory and brain effects of bioavailable forms of curcumin

A study of Theracurmin vs. curcumin bioavailability

Therapeutic benefits of curcumin including Theracurmin

Effects of highly absorbable curcumin for people with impaired glucose tolerance and non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

The effectiveness and safety of highly bioavailable curcumin for knee osteoarthritis

UCLA study shows curcumin improves mood and memory

Theracurmin inhibits the growth of human bladder and prostate cancer cells and leads to cancer cell death

Theracurmin prevents hepatic steatosis from a high-fat diet in mice

Clinical trial of Theracurmin for Patients with ALS

What is the Best Theracurmin Amazon Product?

We put together a list of our picks for the best Theracurmin Amazon products based on factors like customer reviews, the quality of the ingredients, and the reputation of the manufacturer

theracurmin, theracumin HP, theracurmin amazon, theracurmin reviews, theracurmin studies
Image Source: Amazon
  • Integrative Therapeutics is one of the most reputable supplement companies
  • High-absorbability to improve the biological effects of curcumin on the body
  • 27x more bioavailable compared to standard curcumin powder
  • Uses a water-dispersed technology, so it’s easily mixable
  • Developed by clinicians

The Theracurmin HP product from Integrative Therapeutics is really the gold standard when it comes to Theracurmin in general. Theracurmin HP uses a colloidal dispersion technique to dramatically increase the bioavailability of the curcumin.

This is often the Theracurmin supplement specifically used in studies. The curcumin in Theracurmin HP has been shown to support healthy cytokine pathway functionality and detoxification. It acts as an antioxidant, and it can help boost glutathione activity.

According to reviews of Theracurmin HP, this product is a true standout, including among people who have tried countless other curcumin and turmeric supplements. Reviews say that some of the benefits users have noticed with Theracurmin HP include better memory, improvements in gum disease, and help with symptoms of arthritis and back issues. A lot of users also say they notice improvements in their mood and symptoms of conditions like ADHD and depression.

The big downside of Theracurumin HP is that it’s expensive, but if you are willing to pay a higher price for the supplement, you may see significant benefits in your health, inflammation, and quality of life.

theracurmin, theracurmin hp, theracurmin reviews, theracurmin amazon, theracurmin studies
Image Source: Amazon
  • Each bottle contains 120 capsules
  • Supports natural inflammatory response and joint and heart health
  • Less expensive than the Integrative Therapeutics Theracurmin
  • Highly absorbable
  • Take only one capsule a day with or without food
  • Third-party certified and tested for potency and purity

The CurcuminRich Double-Strength Theracurmin product is well-rated by users, and it’s somewhat less expensive than buying the Integrative Therapeutics product. You also only have to take one capsule a day, but with Integrative Therapeutics, you have to take two a day when you first start.

Reviews say that taking this supplement has helped create noticeable differences in memory and cognition.

Reviews also say this product has significantly helped lower blood pressure for some people, and it alleviates joint pain for some users.

theracurmin, theracurmin hp, theracurmin reviews, theracurmin amazon, theracuumin studies
Image Source: Amazon
  • Most inexpensive of our picks for the best Theracurmin Amazon product options
  • Also contains ginger, which can help with inflammation and joint pain
  • Just one capsule is needed daily to see the benefits
  • Fights whole-body inflammation
  • Also contains black pepper extract (Bioperine)

Reviews say they were surprised at how well this supplement worked for them. According to many reviews of the Immunovites Theracurmin, users feel this helped them solve long-standing pain issues.

Some users say it works for pain and soreness following workouts, and other users feel they get a mood lift when taking this Theracurmin supplement.

PureEncapsulations CurcumaSorb
Image Source: Amazon
  • Provides a patented curcumin complex for enhanced bioavailability and absorption
  • A low dose was shown in a clinical trial over three months to improve comfort, mobility, and quality of life
  • Pure Encapsulations is a high-quality supplement manufacturer
  • Provides brain, cellular, liver, and cardiovascular support
  • Free from allergens, GMOs, binders, fillers, and more
  • Tested for potency and purity

The PureEncapsulations CurcumaSorb is a little different from the other Theracurmin supplements we reviewed because the company has its own patented type of bioavailable curcumin. It’s called Meriva, and it’s a curcumin phyotsome, but it has the same benefits in terms of absorption as Theracurmin.

According to reviews, again, this is a highly effective curcumin supplement. For example, user reviews say that this helps with pain and inflammation, especially when you’re consistent in taking it.

Other users say this supplement helps with diabetes symptoms and we love PureEncapsulations supplements in general because they’re always high-quality.

Are There Any Theracurmin Side Effects?

If there are any Theracurmin side effects, they are going to be the same as any other curcumin or turmeric supplement typically. First, always talk to your health care provider before you take any new supplement, including Theracurmin. This is especially important if you have any medical conditions or if you currently take any medications.

For the most part, turmeric and curcumin supplements are considered safe. You’re unlikely to experience side effects unless you take very high doses. That’s just one more advantage of Theracurmin—you don’t have to take high doses to get the benefits.

Some of the possible side effects can include headache or nausea and digestive issues, like bloating or diarrhea. Those effects usually don’t occur unless you’re taking more than 1000 milligrams a day. You should probably avoid turmeric or curcumin supplements if you have a condition causing obstruction of the bile duct, liver disease, or gallstones.

Additionally, if you’re on blood thinners, you should talk to your doctor before taking a turmeric supplement. Blood thinners like warfarin when combined with turmeric supplements can cause bleeding problems potentially, although there’s little recorded evidence of this happening.

Theracurmin FAQs

The following are answers to some of the common questions people tend to have about Theracurmin products.

What is Theracurmin?

Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory component that’s found in turmeric. Curcumin has been studied and shown to have benefits in a variety of ways, including reducing joint pain and chronic pain, helping with mood disorders, promoting liver health, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Curcumin is also potentially beneficial for cancer and may help with memory problems and cognition.

With that being said, there is a big problem with taking a traditional curcumin supplement. It’s not easily absorbed by your body, and it’s not bioavailable. Basically, when you take a traditional curcumin supplement, your body uses very little of it. The problem of bioavailability is one that has plagued researchers who do see the benefits of curcumin.

Theracurmin has overcome the issue of bioavailability. Theracurmin is a unique type of curcumin supplement that has been reduced to much smaller particles. The proprietary manufacturing methods used to make Theracurmin can vary between companies, but essentially, they have tiny particles and a stable suspension that helps them be incredibly bioavailable.

Because of its bioavailability, there are a lot of Theracurmin studies and double-blind clinical trials.

What is Theracurmin Good For?

Theracurmin can have benefits for any of the conditions you might use curcumin for. For example, Theracurmin is an anti-inflammatory that can help with joint pain and health.

Theracurmin has been shown in some studies to kill cancer cells, especially prostate and bladder cancer cells. It’s potentially beneficial for neurogenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, and there are currently clinical trials underway looking at potential benefits for ALS.

Theracurmin, since it can help reduce inflammation and block cytokine pathways, has the potential to help with many chronic illnesses, the root of which is often inflammation.

Theracurmin can be used to improve mood, and many people report it helps with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

It is important to note that while curcumin and particularly Theracurmin have some promising research backing up their benefits, you should always speak to your doctor before taking any supplement. As a dietary supplement, Theracurmin isn’t regulated by the FDA either.

What is the Best Theracurmin?

Our selection for the best Theracurmin is Integrative Therapeutics Theracumin HP. It’s the gold standard in our opinion as far as Theracurmin supplements.

Aside from Integrative Therapeutics HP, we also like CurmineRich Theracumin, Immunoviles Theracurmin, and Pure Encapsulations CurcumaSorb.

How Much Theracumin Should I Take?

How much Theracurmin to take depends primarily on the brand and the particular type of supplement you choose. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

What is great about Theracurmin is that usually, you’ll only need to take one or two capsules a day to see real benefits.

This is compared to traditional turmeric and curcumin supplements, where you might have to take six or more capsules a day and still not get benefits even close to Theracurmin because of the bioavailability.

Where To Buy Theracurmin?

We recommend buying Theracurmin on Amazon, and we like the four brands highlighted above. It’s tough to find a true Theracurmin supplement in most retail stores, so you’ll probably have to head online to find it anyway.

You can buy some of the products, like Integrative Therapeutics Theracurmin HP directly from the manufacturer, but we like the convenience of Amazon Prime Shipping.

Final Thoughts

Curcumin and turmeric supplements are incredibly powerful in terms of promoting health. If there was one foundational supplement that you would start with, we would say perhaps curcumin or turmeric should be it, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

With that in mind, Theracurmin is something we fairly recently discovered, and after reviewing the evidence, we feel comfortable saying it is the best way to take curcumin. You will get the most possible benefits from a Theracurmin supplement, and you’ll have to take less of it than you would with a traditional curcumin supplement.

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