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What Is the Best DIM Supplement?

Last modified on June 23rd, 2023

We put together a list of DIM supplement reviews to help you find the best one for your needs. We based on our reviews on the reputation of the brand, and what reviewers say. We also provide information and answers to common questions you may, such as what DIM is used for.

What is DIM?

DIM stands for diindolylmethane, and it’s something found in cruciferous vegetables. That compound is one reason why women at high risk for breast cancer are sometimes advised to eat vegetables like broccoli and cabbage.

DIM is a hormone-balancing compound, which is why they have become increasingly popular. This type of supplement may help with:

It’s believed that DIM can balance hormones by adjusting the amount of bad-to-good estrogen levels. It also blocks something called aromatase, which converts testosterone levels to estrogen.

According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, although clinical data is somewhat limited, diindolylmethane has anticancer effects. MSKCC goes on to say that in lab and animal studies, the DIM compound has anticancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

It may also increase bone mass, so it’s being studied for its potential benefits for patients with osteoporosis. DIM may help patients with certain types of prostate cancer, and it may also reverse abnormal changes in the cells on the cervix’s surface.

MSKCC specifically says the following, based on currently available research about the benefits:

  • DIM has demonstrated antiproliferative effects on cancer cell models and in animal cancer cells
  • DIM has been shown to prevent the invasion by cancer cells of normal tissue
  • There is research showing DIM’s effectiveness in inducing apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells
  • In colon cancer cells as well as prostate cancer cells, DIM inhibits CDK activity and induces apoptosis

So what exactly is DIM, aside from being a compound in cruciferous vegetables that can block bad estrogen and promote balanced natural hormones?

This popular supplement is a plant nutrient. When you chew cruciferous vegetables, enzymes are released. When your stomach acid hits these enzymes, something called indole-3 carbinol or I3C is formed. That then turns into DIM.

DIM and Estrogen

There are several types of estrogen, and one, in particular, may prevent the growth of malignant tumors. This type of estrogen is called 2-methoxy estrogens. Researchers theorize that it could be beneficial to increase the production of this good estrogen, and that’s why DIM may be a useful supplement. When you supplement with DIM, it can promote the metabolism of the beneficial estrogen, balancing hormones.

While we often think of estrogen as being only linked to women’s health, using a DIM supplement could also benefit men.

There is evidence, for example, that DIM supplements may have benefits in preventing colorectal cancer. DIM can also be used to prevent an enlarged prostate, known as benign prostatic hypertrophy.

Some people use DIM to help them lose weight and as a treatment for premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

If you suffer from hormone-related migraine headaches, you might find that DIM also helps with this. Many women suffer from migraines during a time of estrogen dominance. Other symptoms of estrogen dominance can include irritability, water retention, heavy or irregular periods, brain fog, and breast tenderness.

If you’re estrogen dominant, you’re likely simultaneously dealing with a progesterone deficiency. Your brain is very sensitive to progesterone, and if you’re deficient in it, symptoms may include migraines and insomnia and anxiety.

Progesterone has a calming effect on the brain.

Using a DIM supplement can help modulate your estrogen levels, which may reduce or alleviate your migraines.

Is It Safe?

DIM is considered, for the most part, a safe supplement with minimal adverse effects. That said, you should always speak to a healthcare professional before taking any supplements. You shouldn’t take very large doses because that can lead to side effects. If you experience side effects, they’re likely to be mild and may include nausea, vomiting, gas, diarrhea, and headache.

If you experience stomach upset when you take a DIM supplement, you should consider taking it with food. That will likely remedy the problem.

Why Might a DIM Supplement Be the Best Option?

If you’re wondering whether or not it would be better to get DIM from cruciferous vegetables, there is a reason that a supplement may be better. DIM is insoluble and not well-absorbed unless it has a “vehicle” to make it more bioavailable. DIM supplements will typically be formulated with a delivery system.

These are one of the most exciting supplements currently available in many ways, but it’s not necessarily as mainstream as some other supplements.

Top Reviews

The following are our selections for the best DIM supplements, based largely customer reviews.

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MDacne DIM Skin Clearing Supplement

  • Unique formulation for people with hormonal acne
  • Dermatologist formulated and approved
  • Non-GMO 
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Restores hormonal balance

We updated our rankings of the top supplements to include MDacne’s relatively new DIM formulation.

There are a few key reasons we like it. First, the formulation is geared specifically toward helping clear up hormonal acne, starting from the inside out.

The supplement gets to the root cause of hormonal acne in adults, so if that’s your primary reason for considering DIM, this is a great option.

This supplement can help balance levels of estrogen and androgen for clearer skin. 

We also like that MDacne provides a breakdown of each individual ingredient in the formulation.

For example, the MDacne DIM supplement has spinach powder, which can help normalize your keratin production and reduce excess sebum. 

Alfalfa powder is high in antioxidants and contains copper, folate, and vitamins C and K. 

The kale powder included in this supplement is rich in amino acids and vitamins C and E, which are important for skin health. Consuming kale can also be a good way to improve any clogged pores you might deal with and to reduce oiliness. 

Brussels sprout powder is included because of the immune system-supporting phytonutrients. 

Finally, we rank MDacne’s DIM as our pick for the best because they include black pepper extract, also known as Bioperine. Absorption and bioavailability are so important in any supplement. If you can’t absorb what you’re taking, it’s not going to be as beneficial, but black pepper extract promotes better absorption of supplements and nutrients. 

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Nature’s Way DIM-Plus Supplement

Nature’s Way is known for producing high-quality supplements, and based on reviews, this product is no exception.

  • Enhanced absorption delivery system because of the DIM-plus formulation
  • Contains Indolplex BR-DIM Complex—this is the advanced bioavailability delivery system
  • Reduces the levels of less favorable estrogens and increases favorable estrogens
  • Gluten-free, no sugar, dairy, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Also includes vitamin E

According to the reviews for the Nature’s Way product, this is a highly effective product.

Some people say that it’s the best they’ve used. Reviewers say their benefits after starting this supplement include clearing the skin, improving menopause symptoms, weight loss, improved mood, and less pain with their menstrual cycle.

Other reviews say that the supplement is wonderful if you have fibroids, and it helps reduce the lower abdominal heaviness and pain that you experience when you do.

If you want to regulate your hormones naturally, this Nature’s Way supplement might be a great option.

Smoky Mountain Nutrition Dim Complex

Smoky Mountain Nutrition DIM Complex

There are many reasons to love this supplement, which can help with hormone balance, PCOS, hormonal acne, and the symptoms of menopause.

  • Each dose contains 250 mg of Di-Indolyl methane as well as Bioperine. Bioperine helps with bioavailability.
  • Each capsule has the DIM equivalent that would come from two pounds of cruciferous vegetables.
  • This DIM supplement also includes vitamin D.
  • For excellent nutritional support, the Smoky Mountain product includes broccoli, sprouts seed, kale, organic spinach, and alfalfa.
  • This supplement is also geared toward men, which may help with testosterone, improving weightlifting effects, and losing weight related to elevated estrogen.

As far as DIM supplement reviews go, we included this product because of the Bioperine, which helps ensure you’re getting as much of the supplement’s effects as possible by increasing the absorbability and bioavailability.

We also like that the supplement includes vitamin D, which many Americans are deficient in. Vitamin D is essential for immune function.

Because of the potency of this supplement, you only need to take one capsule a day.

Reviews say this product helped users eliminate problems like cystic acne that they had dealt with for years or even decades. Other reviews have described the product as life-changing, and it’s helped them feel their best and look their best.

1 Body Dim Complex

1 Body DIM Complex

The DIM complex from 1 Body includes 200 mg of the compound per dose.

  • Can help women going through menopause, including with the alleviation of hot flashes
  • May boost mood and reduce brain fog
  • With controlled estrogen, you can lose water weight and weight gain caused by hormonal changes
  • Doesn’t contain wheat, gluten, soy, egg or tree nuts
  • Also includes ashwagandha for further mood support as well as Rhodiola extract

This supplement packs quite a bit of power. It includes the DIM itself and other important vitamins and herbs for mood support and overall health. It includes vitamin B6, vitamin D, black cohosh, and herbs like ginseng and ashwagandha.

According to the reviews for this product, it led to almost immediate weight loss for some users, even without making other changes to their diet. Reviewers said this product helped them with hot flashes, and results tend to occur quickly.

Since other vitamins and herbs are added to this formulation, you can take fewer supplements and pills.

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Naturebell DIM with Black Pepper

We like this product because it includes black pepper to improve absorption and bioavailability. It also includes 300 mg of DIM per serving, so it’s marketed as an extra-strength product.

  • Black pepper included for high absorption
  • Non-GMO, contains no soy, no gluten, no sugar, and no dairy
  • This product only contains DIM, which some people may prefer rather than added vitamins and herbs which some other formulations on this ranking have
  • Each bottle contains 180 capsules
  • Made in California

The Naturebell supplement is simple and straightforward. It’s just 300 mg of DIM per serving with black pepper to boost absorption, so your body is getting the maximum of what it needs.

According to reviews, this is a high-quality product, and some say that it gave them fewer side effects than other similar DIM products. This product in particular seems to be used by many reviewers to help them boost their workout performance.

Another reviewer said they had their blood work done after they started taking this supplement, and they saw major benefits. That particular reviewer was using it for secondary hypogonadism.

Zazzee DIM Supplement

Zazzee DIM 300 mg

Zazzee is a great Amazon supplement brand, and our team of editors uses their products often. This supplement includes BioPerine extra-strength and organic broccoli extract.

  • Each capsule contains 300 mg of DIM, and there are 100 capsules per bottle, so it’s a great financial value
  • Includes Organic Acacia Powder, which is an all-natural prebiotic
  • Each serving has 10 mg of BioPerine, which is an extract from black pepper that boosts absorption
  • For women, this supplement may help with symptoms of menopause and it may increase energy while helping treat PCOS.
  • For men, this supplement may help with prostate health, and it may improve libido.

In general, Zazzee is a good supplement company on Amazon and we like this product because first, the capsules are completely vegetarian and non-GMA. We also like that it contains organic Acacia powder, a natural prebiotic.

The Zazzee supplement has the potential to help with symptoms of menopause, weight loss and energy levels. It may also help support fertility and reduce acne in women.

A single bottle can last for four months because there’s 100 per bottle. The BioPerine included in each capsule can increase your body’s absorption of the DIM by up to 30%. Zazzee products are made in the U.S. and there aren’t any unnecessary fillers.

Some reviewers say this changed their life. It helped with their mood swings and their quality of life. Reviews also say it helped women reduce facial hair, and it helped them lose weight relatively quickly.

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NOW Supplements DIM

NOW Supplements makes a range of affordable, high-quality supplements on Amazon. 

  • Includes calcium-d-glucarate which supports a process called glucuronidation, or the detoxification of environmental toxins from your body
  • Promotes healthy hormonal metabolism
  • NOW supplements tend to be a good value and the brand often offers discounts on Amazon

According to people reviewing this NOW supplement, it helps lose weight in places where fat is typically very stubborn, particularly for women.

For example, using this supplement may help with weight loss in the hips and thighs. Weight gain in these areas is often linked to cortisol, and this supplement may help balance cortisol levels because it’s balancing other hormones.

Some reviewers also say the addition of calcium-d-glucarate helps reduce their headaches.

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Purest Vantage DIM with Bioperine

The PurestVantage supplement contains BioPerine, and each capsule is a dose of 250 mg.

  • This formulation includes 250 mg of DIM as well as vitamin D and BioPerine for maximized absorption
  • Includes Dong Quai, which is an herb that’s beneficial for hormonal balancing as well
  • Supports healthy tissue in the cervix
  • No wheat, soy, gluten, lactose or yeast
  • May help with PCOS, hot flashes, fertility, low testosterone in men, and hormonal acne

According to reviews for this PurestVantage product, users say that they feel like their mind is clear, they have fewer food cravings, and they have much more energy than they did previously. Other reviews say it cleared their deep cystic acne and they’ve been able to sleep through the night.

People who have used this report that it’s helped thicken their hair, and it’s a good product to use as you try to get off birth control.

Summing Up

For both women and men, DIM supplements have several health benefits and positive effects. If you are thinking about taking a DIM supplement, speak to your healthcare provider first. We encourage you to share your results if you try any of the above DIM supplements we’ve reviewed.

Our Editorial Process

All of our reviews are completely unbiased. We have an in-depth review and ranking methodology for each of our products. We base our reviews on:

  • Peer-reviewed scientific studies and research
  • Real customer reviews
  • Our own experience using products
  • Price and availability

Whenever possible, we review and rank products that we actually use to provide a better understanding of what you can expect. 

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