focus factor reviews 2023

Focus Factor Reviews 2023

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Last modified on January 9th, 2023

Our Focus Factor Rating

Focus Factor is a popular brain supplement with millions of bottles sold in the United States.

How many of us are looking for ways to be more productive, more focused, and suffer from less brain fog?

I would venture to say these are objectives most of us have on a daily basis.

Even so, it gets seemingly more and more challenging to stay focused in a digitally-driven world.

There are not only distractions like social media, but many people suffer from brain fog and declines in cognition because of modern factors such as diet and focus factor nutrition for the brain, autoimmune and chronic illnesses, and other lifestyle elements.

Many supplements claim to provide your brain with a boost, one of which is called Focus Factor.

Focus Factor is a brand name, and there are several different specialized versions of Focus Factor available in addition to the original formulation.

These clinically-tested formulas claim to improve concentration, focus, and short-term memory, but what’s the real story of these cognitive enhancers? How can you make informed decisions before you buy?

We uncover everything you should know about Focus Factor reviews 2023 and the wide range of specific products.


  • Clinical study backs its effectiveness
  • Fills in nutritional gaps to help improve brain health
  • Includes DMAE to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s
  • Works well according to some customer reviews
  • Includes bacopa which may help improve focus in the short-term
  • Choline supports working memory and optimal cognition
  • Inositol is in Focus Factor and can help with depression and anxiety
  • Formulation includes huperzine A, which has promising research showing its effectiveness for memory and preventing cognitive decline


  • Expensive
  • Takes time and consistent use to show effects
  • May not work for everyone

Our Thoughts

Overall Focus Factor is a good product that may help your cognition, reduce brain fog and boost your memory. We like the ingredients like DMAE and Huperzine A, which have a lot of exciting research to back them up.

There isn’t a magic bullet for focus and memory, however. Focus Factor needs to be used consistently and it can be six weeks or more before you start to see real benefits. Focus Factor will also work better if you make other changes to support thinking and memory like eating a healthy diet.

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Focus Factor Review Key Takeaways

Focus Factor Review
Focus Factor Review
  • Brain and cognition supplement
  • Clinically-tested and proven
  • Combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to fuel the brain
  • Generally has good reviews
  • Potent ingredients like DMAE

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What Is Focus Factor?

Focus Factor nutrition for the brain. The products are designed to help with focus, concentration, mental clarity, mental performance, and memory as well as overall cognitive function.

The company offers Focus Factor for Kids in addition to their adult formulations. There are also extra-strength versions of the original formulations.

Focus Factor is marketed as “America’s #1 brain health supplement,” and they have a history going back 15 years, which is lengthy in the supplement world.

The company conducted a clinical study in 2011 that showed Focus Factor improved memory, concentration, and attention in healthy adults after six weeks of taking the supplement.

According to the study, there was an equivalent decrease to 20 years of cognitive aging.

According to the study, there was a 44% increase in memory recall for the group that took the supplement compared to a placebo group, and participants who received Focus Factor also had a mean increase in word recall of 6.5 words compared to a mean recall of 4.5 words in the placebo group.

Focus Factor Original

The Focus Factor Original Product is a patented formula, and it contains vitamins, minerals, and what the company calls neuro-nutrients.

With the Original, you are supposed to take four tablets a day with food.

If you have higher body weight, activity level, a deficient diet, or you have a high-stress level, you are advised to take up to eight tablets a day.

Focus Factor Gummies ingredients are divided into two categories. One is their “proprietary ingredients” and then there are the supplemental ingredients which are similar to what you might see in a multivitamin.

The following is an overview of Focus Factor ingredients, although the list isn’t exhaustive.

Focus Factor is a blend of vitamins and herbal extracts, many of which are premium ingredients.


This is a supplement that is sometimes used to improve mood and memory as well as mental function.

DMAE may also have benefits for your skin and reduce the signs of aging.

There aren’t a lot of studies on DMAE, but proponents feel it helps with ADHD, depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

The ingredient is believed to work by increasing the production of ACH, which is a neurotransmitter that helps the nerves send messages.

DMAE may also help prevent the buildup of something called beta-amyloid in the brain, too much of which is linked to age-related memory loss and cognitive decline.


Also known just as glutamine, this is an amino acid and a protein-building block.

Glutamine plays an integral role in intestinal health as well as the immune system and can help with different health conditions and cognitive performance.

Your body produces glutamine, and it’s also found in different foods.

L-glutamine is a source of fuel for intestinal immune cells and white blood cells.

There has been research showing glutamine supplementation helps people improve their health, reduce the risk of infection and stay in the hospital for shorter periods following surgery.


This is an extract from something called Bacopa Monnieri extract.

Bacopa Monnieri is increasingly coming to light as a very powerful herbal supplement, although it’s been used for thousands of years by Ayurvedic practitioners.

Bacopa Monnieri has been shown in research to improve brain function and also reduce stress and anxiety.

Reducing stress and anxiety are key reasons it’s often part of Ayurvedic medicine.

The extract may reduce inflammation by suppressing the release of cytokines, which stimulate an inflammatory response of your immune system.

In a 12-week study of healthy adults, taking 300 mg of Bacopa Monnieri daily improved their mental acuity, learning, and memory, as well as how quickly they were able to process visual information when compared to a placebo.

Bacopa monnieri has also been studied and shown to help the symptoms of ADHD in children.


Focus Factor’s brain pill ingredient list includes DHA, which is a type of omega-3 fatty acid that is believed to be beneficial for your brain and heart health.

You can also find DHA in fatty fish, but most of us don’t eat enough so we can use it in supplement form to improve brain performance.

DHA can reduce the risk of inflammation, and it can reduce the risk of developing certain chronic illnesses like heart disease.

There have been studies that have shown DHA can help improve symptoms of ADHD because it can increase blood circulation and flow when you’re performing mental tasks. There are few if any adverse side effects.


Choline is a nutrient that supports healthy metabolism and cellular growth.

Our bodies can make some of their own choline, but mostly what we get comes from food or supplements.

Choline can help metabolize fats, and it converts into a neurotransmitter that helps the overall function of the nervous system.

Choline may help improve cognition and memory, and low levels of choline, vitamin C, and zinc have been associated with reduced working memory in older men.


Inositol is an interesting substance that plays an important role in many of the processes of our body.

As far as mental health, inositol may help your brain produce more serotonin.

Serotonin impacts your mood and behavior.

Low serotonin is associated with anxiety, PTSD, panic disorder, and other mood disorders.

Inositol may also help reduce symptoms of depression because of its effects on the neurotransmitters in the brain.

Bilberry Extract

Bilberries are blue berries that are sometimes called European blueberries.

Bilberry has been used medicinally since the Middle Ages.

They are nutrient-rich and are a good source of vitamins C and K, as well as manganese and fiber.

Bilberries are also packed with antioxidants that protect your body against damage and disease.

They may improve vision based on currently available research, and they may reduce inflammation.

There are some links between bilberries and improved working and long-term memory too.


GABA is an amino acid that operates as a brain neurotransmitter.

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers, and GABA is considered an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

This means it blocks certain brain signals, and as such it causes a calming effect and can help relieve fear, stress, and anxiety.

Huperzine A

This Focus Factor ingredient is derived from a Chinese moss, and it’s being looked at with interest by researchers as a potential Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

Huperzine A is a cholinesterase inhibitor, so it improves neurotransmitter levels in the brain.

Early studies are showing it might protect nerve cells, improve memory and reduce cognitive decline.


Vanadium is a trace mineral that’s in some beverages and foods and is also sold as a dietary supplement.

Sometimes vanadium is touted as a treatment for things like anemia and high blood pressure.

These Focus Factor Gummies ingredients are not all of the proprietary supplements, and the supplement also includes a full range of necessary vitamins and minerals, so it can serve as a multivitamin in some ways as well.

Ingredients in Focus Factor
Ingredients in Focus Factor
Image Source: The Top Supplements

Does Focus Factor Work?
Does Focus Factor Work?
Image Source: Pixabay

What Do Customer Focus Factor Reviews Say?

So, now to the Focus Factor reviews 2023.

The easiest way to learn about many supplements, including Focus Factor is to look at the reviews and weigh the pros and cons of this supplement promising to reduce age-related mental decline and improve cognition.

Overall Focus Factor reviews are positive on third-party sites like Amazon. Key points we found based on currently available Focus Factor reviews include:

  • Reviewers say the product helps them feel happier but also more attentive
  • The use of these according to Focus Factor reviews helps people pay attention to detail and stay more alert, particularly at work
  • Reviewers say they like the fact that you don’t need a separate multivitamin supplement if you use Focus Factor
  • Focus Factor is pretty affordable, and if you were to try to get even a fraction of the ingredients and vitamins that it contains separately, it would be much more expensive.
  • A big pro of Focus Factor is the fact that it’s been on the market for a long time, as opposed to newer supplements that claim to have similar benefits.

As far as Focus Factor reviews listed on the company’s own site, the following are some of the highlights:

  • Some reviewers say it took some time to notice a difference but then they started to have fewer “senior moments” with regular use
  • Reviewers on the Focus Factor site say they notice a difference when they run out
  • Reviewers say that these supplements give them more energy
  • Some say that Focus Factor helps reduce brain fog and increase overall stamina

What about negative Focus Factor reviews? There are some to be aware of.

First, of the few negative focus Factor reviews, the biggest issue simply seems to be that some users don’t notice any effects.

A few people say they suffered from gastrointestinal issues when they took these as well, although this can often happen with nutritional supplements, particularly if you’re new to taking them or you take them on an empty stomach.

When you take Focus Factor, it’s very important to first speak to your doctor and also not to take more than the recommended dose, because as with other products that have minerals and certain vitamins, it could become toxic.

Other Products

Along with the original product, there are some other versions as well. These include:

  • Focus Factor Kids: There are two versions of the Focus Factor Kids products. There are chewable and then there is the Focus Factor Kids Extra Strength product, which is slightly more expensive. The Focus Factor Kids product has bilberry fruit, vitamin E, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and L-tyrosine, among a few other ingredients. There are fewer proprietary ingredients included in this formulation compared to the adult products, likely to ensure they are safe for children. According to reviews, these products really work and help kids with ADD and ADHD, and they help improve kids’ school work quality and grades.
  • Focus Factor Brain & Vision: Another specialized Focus Factor product is Brain & Vision. It aims to help improve concentration, focus, and memory but also eye health. It’s a complete multivitamin and it also adds lutein and zeaxanthin to the product formulation. These ingredients have been shown in clinical studies to bring benefits to the macular area of the retina, and they are carotenoids not produced by the human body.
  • Focus Factor Extra Strength: Focus Factor Extra Strength can replace your daily multivitamin and also has neuro-nutrients at increased levels compared to the original formulation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Focus Factor including Focus Factor Kids.

What Is Focus Factor?

This is a supplement that includes certain nutrients and herbal ingredients that can help boost concentration, focus, and memory. It also acts as a complete multivitamin.

What Are the Benefits?

Some of the benefits of Focus Factor may include:

  • The vitamins in Focus Factor are an important way to fill in nutritional gaps that may exist because of your diet.
  • Many of the proprietary blend ingredients do have some research to back up their health benefits, particularly as it relates to brain health, mood, memory, and cognition.
  • Focus Factor may help increase blood flow to the brain and improve brain activity.
  • Focus Factor may help you get through your day with more energy and there are minimal adverse effects if any.

How Do You Take Focus Factor?

According to dosage instructions, you should take four tablets a day with food. However, you may take up to eight tablets per day to accommodate your activity level, weight, or your diet. Don’t take more than eight tablets a day.

How Long Does Focus Factor Take to Work?

Some people feel a difference nearly instantly, but for other people, they notice the most effects after taking Focus Factor for several months consistently.

Where Can I Buy Focus Factor?

In our opinion, the best place to buy Focus Factor is Amazon. The pricing is competitive compared to other in-person and online retailers.

You can take advantage of Prime shipping benefits if you’re a member.

What Are the Side Effects of Focus Factor?

As long as you follow dosing instructions, for the most part, the side effects of Focus Factor seem to pretty minimal. The primary side effects may be stomach upset or gastrointestinal distress, such as nausea.

You may be able to reduce any potential side effects like abdominal pain by starting with a lower dose of Focus Factor and working your way up over time and ensuring you always take it with food.

Is It Safe to Take Focus Factor?

Focus Factor is a safe supplement overall. You should always speak to your healthcare provider before starting a new supplement.

What Does Focus Factor Contain?

You can see the above guide to ingredients for more details.

Overall, this memory supplement is a powerful combination of natural ingredients like herbs and also vitamins and minerals to optimize the health and function of your brain and cognition.

Is It Safe to Take Focus Factor
Is It Safe to Take Focus Factor
Image Source: Pixabay

Natural Ways to Improve Focus and Memory

Beyond using Focus Factor or Focus Factor Kids, there are other natural ways you can improve your concentration, focus, and memory. In general, living a healthy lifestyle can help improve the health of your brain.

Activities to Improve Your Focus

The following are some specific activities you can do to improve your memory and focus. If you do these exercises simultaneously as taking Focus Factor, you may see better results.

Repeat and Retrieve

When you learn something new, if you repeat whatever that information is, you’re more likely to mentally record it if you repeat it. When you repeat something, it reinforces neuron connections. If you hear something new, whether it’s for work or otherwise, write it down and then read it.

Go a step further by testing yourself later on, to see if you can retrieve the information.

Use Games

Other ways to improve your focus can stem from playing games. Puzzles, memory games, and sudoku are all options that can help you get better at focusing.

Brain training activities may seem silly, but research shows they are effective.

If your child is having trouble focusing or concentrating, games will work for them as well.

Even video games can help boost concentration. Of course, you don’t want to spend too much time on video games, but when you’re playing, you train yourself to concentrate on tasks and ignore distractions.

There’s some evidence video games may change the brain, leading to more focus and increased attention.

Prioritize Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the keys to helping improve your cognitive functions.

If you can take Focus Factor while also committing to a better sleep routine, you may see significant improvements.

Go outside

If you can spend 15 to 20 minutes outdoors each day, it can help you with your focus and concentration. You can get similar benefits by adding greenery to your workspace.

Children also benefit from being outdoors, even for brief periods, or being near greenery when they’re studying or learning.

In one 2009 study in children with ADHD, a 20-minute walk outdoors in a park helped improve their concentration more than a walk of the same length taken in an urban environment.

Listen to Music

If you’re working or studying, music can provide you with white noise that improves how your brain functions and improves concentration. Try for ambient music that doesn’t have lyrics.

Focus Factor Alternatives

Along with Focus Factor, there are other supplements you might consider for yourself or your child. Ideally, a healthy diet alleviates the need for brain health supplements, but for many of us that’s not always the reality.

Things to consider for focus and concentration include:

  • Vitamin D3: This is an important supplement in general if you don’t get enough sunlight. Having adequate vitamin D levels can help with nerve function, meaning your brain is more likely to stay active and sharp. If you think you could be low in vitamin D3, speak to your doctor. They can do a test to determine whether or not a supplement might be right for you.
  • Choline: Choline is a good supplement to support memory. It’s also important for your metabolism and liver health. Choline is a water-soluble nutrient, and if you’re a vegan, you’re at a higher risk of being deficient. Having adequate choline levels helps support something called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a brain neurotransmitter that plays a role in functions like mood and memory.
  • Ginseng: Asian Ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng, might be a supplement to consider if you want to improve focus, concentration, and memory. It’s an adaptogen that has been long used in traditional medicine to support not just better focus but also a greater sense of overall well-being. Asian ginseng helps promote the release of nitric oxide. It stimulates blood flow to the brain and muscles and helps increase alertness.
  • Vitamin B12: B vitamins play a big role in brain health and energy levels. This is especially true for vitamin B12. If you have low or even low-normal levels of B12, you may have reduced learning abilities, based on evidence from some studies.
  • Gingko Biloba: This is an herbal supplement that some people find helps when they have concentration issues. It’s an anti-inflammatory that improves circulation. That may be part of why it helps with brain health. Liquid ginkgo Biloba tends to be most easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Research has shown the ability of ginkgo Biloba to improve memory and cognitive speed.

Understand What Affects Concentration

Another thing you can do for your focus and concentration, aside from taking a supplement like Focus Factor, is to make sure you understand any potential underlying causes. Some of the causes of diminished focus and concentration include:

  • Untreated mental health issues like anxiety or depression
  • Head injuries (even seemingly mild ones)
  • Undiagnosed ADHD
  • Vision problems (this is a common problem in children)

Benefits of Focous Factor
Benefits of Focous Factor
Image Source: Pixabay

Where to Buy Focus Factor

If you’re wondering where to buy Focus Factor, the following are some of the retailers that sell the product:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walgreens
  3. Directly from Focus Factor

Our preferred retailer where you can buy Focus Factor is Amazon. It’s easy to shop the site, and you get fast shipping as well as a very flexible return policy.

Does Focus Factor Work?

Our takeaway is that Focus Factor if nothing else serves as a good nutritional supplement, but many people see positive effects in terms of their focus, concentration, memory and cognition. It may be worth trying, as it does have a long history as far as supplements go and it’s relatively affordable.


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