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What is the Best Amazon Humidifier?

Last modified on January 14th, 2023

With so many options, it’s tough to know which Amazon best humidifier is available.  A humidifier is well-suited to use in winter.

Humidifiers prevent dryness that leads to irritation. In the winter, the air inside your home may be drier because you’re running your heater. Specifically, humidifiers treat dryness of the nose, skin, lips, and throat. Humidifiers can also help with symptoms of the cold or flu.

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Keecoon Humidifier for Large Rooms

  • Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier
  • Easy-to-fill tank and top-fill design
  • Can be used in large or small rooms
  • Delivers up to 300 mL/hour of moisture output
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Designed for no water leakage
  • Waterless auto shut-off
  • You can use aromatherapy with this Amazon best humidifier because of an essential oil tray on the backside

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Levoit Humidifier for Large Rooms

  • Includes both a warm and cool mist option so it can be used year-round
  • Auto mode feature is a humidity sensor that automatically adjusts to the surrounding humidity level
  • If the tank runs out of water, this Amazon humidifier automatically turns off
  • Add essential oils to the aroma box
  • Mist output of 500 mL/hour
  • Remote control so you can adjust settings easily
  • 1-12 hour timer
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to clean with a wide-opening tank
  • Includes cleaning brush, aroma pads, and absorption pads

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Hupro Premium Humidifier

  • Sleek, modern design
  • 5-liter water tank
  • Works for rooms up to 500 square feet
  • 40 hours of continuous operation with one tank refill
  • Smart humidification system with three types of humidity control
  • This Amazon best humidifier features cool and warm mist
  • Ceramic filter with active carbon prevents odors and keeps the mist fresh
  • Essential oils box
  • 10-hour timer
  • Sleep mode
  • Detachable water tank makes filling and cleaning easy

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Pure Enrichment MistAire UltraSonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  • This Amazon humidifier is a top pick because of the ultrasonic cool mist technology
  • Provides up to 16 hours of continuous mist
  • High and low speed settings
  • Optional night light for relaxation
  • Automatic shut-off when the water level is low or the tank is out
  • Quiet operation and it can be used in a nursery, bedroom, or office
  • Easy assembly and cleaning
  • Covers 250 square feet
  • 5-liter tank capacity

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Homech Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Perfect five-star rating on Amazon with thousands of reviews
  • Up to three days’ runtime with one tank of water
  • Tank holds six liters, which is 1.6 gallons so you don’t have to refill it often
  • Includes a soft night light
  • Ultra-quiet patented water silencing design
  • Has a physical sensor to detect water drops to prevent dry burning
  • Spacious water inlet for easy refilling and cleaning

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honeywell humidifier, amazon humidifier, best humidifier amazon
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Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

  • This humidifier on Amazon features cool mist for added moisture to the air
  • UV technology kills 99.9% of all the bacteria in the water
  • Works well for bedrooms and medium-sized rooms
  • Evaporative Technology blows moisture off the filter, so you aren’t over-humidifying your space
  • Large recessed handled makes it easy to carry
  • Easy to fill and clean with a wide tank opening

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taotronics humidifier, amazon humidifier, humidifier amazon, best humidifier amazon
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TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Amazon humidifier with a five-star rating
  • Built-in humidistat with real-time monitoring adjusts to keep a room at an ideal 60% humidity
  • Evenly projected ultrasonic fine mist output
  • Three adjustable output levels
  • 4-liter water tank allows for up to 40 hours of humidification with one tank of water
  • Optional soft glow night light
  • Auto shut off when the tank is empty
  • Nanotechnology waterproofing
  • Easy-to-clean large opening on the tank

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Pure Enrichment HumeXL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Ideal for large rooms
  • Produces up to 50 hours of mist output on the lowest setting and 16 hours on the highest setting
  • Automatically shuts off when the water level is low
  • Two 360-degree rotating mist nozzles that go in opposite directions to cover the entire room
  • 5-liter tank
  • Easy to clean water tank
  • Night mode setting dims the LED control panel lights
  • Nearly silent operation

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The Benefits of a Humidifier

If you’re looking for the best humidifier on Amazon, you may also wonder what the benefits of having one in your home are.

Winter is the prime time for many people to start using a humidifier. The air is dry, and especially so indoors when you’re running your heat.

A humidifier will add moisture to the surrounding air to prevent dryness. Dryness can lead to irritation. Some people also use humidifiers to help with symptoms of colds and the flu.

Humidifiers remove dryness, and more specifically, they are used for:

  • Sinus congestion and headaches
  • Dry skin
  • Dry throat
  • Bloody noses
  • Nose irritation
  • Dry cough
  • Cracked lips
  • Irritated vocal cords

While many people find the air is driest in their home in winter when they’re using the heat, the air conditioner can also lead to dry air.

Other benefits of humidifiers include:

  • Having a humidifier can help get rid of static electricity during the dry wintertime.
  • Your indoor houseplants will probably be happier with a more humid environment to thrive in.
  • A humidifier might help protect your furniture and wood floors.
  • If the humidity levels in your home are higher, it will help you feel warmer. This may mean you spend less on energy.

Ways Humidifiers Help When You’re Sick

Winter brings not just dry air but also cold and flu season. There has been research showing that having optimal humidity levels can reduce the survival of the flu virus.

Humidifiers can help relieve sinus inflammation that leads to congestion, as well as inflammation of the airways.

When your throat and nasal passages are moisturized, you can breathe easier. If you get sick, keeping your passages moist can help you recover faster and reduce your symptoms’ severity.

You may also find that using a humidifier when you’re sick can help you sleep better. When you get good quality rest, your body is better able to combat illnesses.

Having proper humidity levels can help break up mucus, so it’s easier to expel.

How to Choose the Best Amazon Humidifier

When you’re looking for the best humidifier on Amazon, there are plenty of options. It can be tough to know which is best.

The following are specific factors to keep in mind when comparing Amazon humidifiers.

Warm vs. Cool Mist

Some of the Amazon humidifiers ranked above are both warm and cool mist. Other humidifiers are one or the other.

Both warm and cool mist humidifiers are effective at humidifying the air indoors.

They work differently, however.

A warm mist humidifier heats water to a boil and then releases the steam. If you’re looking for a humidifier for a nursery or you have children, you should avoid a warm mist humidifier or choose one that has both types of operation because warm mist humidifiers can be a burn risk to young children.

Currently, most humidifiers now available are cool mist.

A cool-mist humidifier will help shrink swelling the nasal passages, making it easier to breathe.

Within the larger category of cool mist humidifiers, there are evaporative and ultrasonic. Most of our picks for the best Amazon humidifiers are ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers use a nebulizer that vibrates to create a cool mist. There’s no fan like there is with an evaporative humidifier, so cool mist options are usually quieter.

Room Size

Room size is a big consideration when comparing the best Amazon humidifiers.

Measure the square footage of your room first and then check the models you’re considering. They’ll tell you what square footage they can reasonably cover.

If you have a very large space, you might want a console humidifier instead of a tabletop option.

If you have a small or medium room, a tabletop humidifier is the least expensive option.


A humidistat is a great feature to have, and several of the above top Amazon humidifiers do have this feature.

A humidistat checks the humidity level of your space in real-time. If your room reaches a humidity level that’s considered higher than optimal, it will automatically shut off.

If you choose a humidifier without a humidistat, you can also buy an inexpensive hygrometer to manage humidity levels.

You will likely aim to have a humidity level that’s anywhere from 30 to 50%.


You want a humidifier that’s user-friendly overall. This means that it’s easy to move around, it clearly shows you the humidity level, and the settings are easy to use.

Beyond that, you’ll want to think about how much cleaning and maintenance are required before you choose a humidifier on Amazon.

Some humidifiers are easier to clean than others, but above we ranked Amazon humidifiers that are very easy to clean.

You will have to drain, rinse and dry a humidifier often. Bacteria thrive in a moist environment, which is why cleaning is important. If you don’t regularly clean it, a humidifier can release bacteria into the air.

All of the above humidifiers come with things like cleaning brushes, and they have large openings so that it’s easy to clean them.

Final Thoughts—the Best Amazon Humidifiers

All of the Amazon humidifier options above are a great option to add to your home this winter or any time of year.

A humidifier can help your family stay safe and comfortable.

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